Monday, May 04, 2015

BiNet USA and Our Tomorrow

BiNet USA has teamed up with Our Tomorrow—a grassroots and digital campaign to engage LGBTQ people across the country in a conversation about their hopes, fears and ideas for the future of the movement.

This is an historic moment for our movement. We’ve made a lot of progress on important issues like marriage equality, but we still have a long way to go,” said Faith Cheltenham. ”Our Tomorrow is an opportunity for each of us to make our voices heard in a national conversation about the future of the LGBTQ movement.”

The Our Tomorrow campaign invites anyone interested in participating to visit and share their hopes, fears and ideas. Posts will be featured on the Our Tomorrow website, where anyone interested in the future of the movement can learn about issues on the minds of LGBTQ people across the country.

Our Tomorrow represents the first time a major social movement has initiated a national public dialogue to generate inspiration, information and ideas for its future,” said Our Tomorrow campaign manager Lee Swislow. “This conversation will help create a shared, movement-wide vision for a bigger, bolder, more inclusive movement that speaks to the hopes and needs of the full diversity of the LGBTQ community.”

Insights and ideas from Our Tomorrow will also be shared with more than 70 nonprofit organizations and foundations that have sponsored the campaign. To see a full list of Our Tomorrow partners, visit

BiNetUSA has pledged to play an active role by by hosting events and collecting surveys from our bisexual+ community. We have so many ideas on how to improve the bisexual movement and experience. Let's make our voices heard!

Follow the link below to add your bisexual+ voice to this campaign. It is a way that you can be an activist and help change the future for our community.

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About BiNet USA:

As an umbrella organization and voice for bisexual people, BiNet USA will facilitate the development of bisexual communities, promote bisexual visibility, advocate for bisexual community interests and collect and distribute educational information regarding bisexuality. To accomplish these goals, BiNet USA helps facilitate the development and growth of bisexual organizations and individuals across the United States, and encourages participation and organizing on local, regional and national levels.

For more information on this campaign and join in got to:

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Make your voice heard. Visit Join the conversation. Share your hopes, fears and ideas for the future of the #LGBT community. #OurTomorrow