Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bi Health Summit Seeks Panel Proposals

2009 Bi Health Summit Chicago IL USA kich-off evening of August 13th  Summit all-day August 14th 2009Panel proposals are being sought for the Bisexual Health Summit, being held this summer in Chicago. The summit will be Aug. 14 and is being run in conjunction with the National LGBTI Health Summit Aug. 14-18. Deadline for proposals is March 31.

For more info visit:

According to its website, the Bi Health Summit “is a grassroots, community-oriented meeting designed for community health workers, activists, and other interested community members ... to share knowledge about health issues affecting bisexuals and men and women who have multi-gendered sexuality, and to build health advocacy skills among bisexual people and [their] allies.”

Panel proposals being sought regard health issues affecting bi and men and women who have multi-gendered sexuality, including, but not limited, to:

• Clinical care – who serves the bisexual community and how is it best served?
• Community initiatives – what are the latest strategies?
• Research – what have we learned and what do we still need to explore?
• Education and training – what models are being used and are they working?
• Publications – learn the latest about resources
• Advocacy and policy work – what next steps should the movement for bisexual health take?

Presenters will be notified about accepted proposals by May 15.

Interested persons are also encouraged to submit a bisexual-focused workshop proposal for the LGBTI Health Summit’s bisexual track.

The co-chairs of the Bi Health Summit are BiNet USA board member (and former president) Luigi Ferrer of Miami and Julie Ebin of Fenway Community Health, Boston, which distributed the printed edition of BiNet USA co-sponsored bi health study; the other co-chair is Jennifer Bonardi of Boston. Collective members also include Stewart Landers of Boston and Ed Negron of Chicago.

For more information about the Bi Health Summit and the National LGBTI Health Summit, go to:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NAACP challenges Prop 8

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) today announced support of measures before the California legislature challenging Proposition 8, which altered the California Constitution to deny same-sex couples the freedom to marry and equal protection under the law. In a letter to legislative leaders, NAACP national board chair Julian Bond and President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous urged passage of House Resolution 5 and Senate Resolution 7 to put the legislature on record calling for invalidation of Prop. 8 as an improper and dangerous alteration of the California Constitution.

 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Logo"The NAACP's mission is to help create a society where all Americans have equal protection and opportunity under the law," said President Jealous. "Our Mission Statement calls for the 'equality of rights of all persons.' Prop. 8 strips same-sex couples of a fundamental freedom, as defined by the California State Supreme Court. In so doing, it poses a serious threat to all Americans. Prop. 8 is a discriminatory, unprecedented change to the California Constitution that, if allowed to stand, would undermine the very purpose of a constitution and courts - assuring equal protection and opportunity for all and safeguarding minorities from the tyranny of the majority."

SR 7, sponsored by Equality California (EQCA), will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 24th and will proceed to the full Senate for a vote shortly thereafter. Its companion bill, HR 5, also sponsored by EQCA, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Feb. 17th and is eligible for a vote before the full Assembly as early as today.

The California State Conference of the NAACP filed briefs with the California Supreme Court in the legal challenge against Prop. 8, arguing that the measure drastically alters the equal protection guarantee in California's Constitution and that the rights of a minority cannot be eliminated by a simple majority vote. Several other civil rights organizations, faith leaders, unions and leading corporations also filed briefs urging the invalidation of Prop. 8.

"The NAACP has long opposed any proposal that would alter the federal or state constitutions for the purpose of excluding any groups or individuals from guarantees of equal protection," said Chairman Bond. "We urge the legislature to declare that Proposition 8 did not follow the proper protective process and should be overturned as an invalid alteration that vitiated crucial constitutional safeguards and fundamental American values, threatening civil rights and all vulnerable minorities."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BiNet USA President Wendy Curry Receives the 4th Annual Brenda Howard Memorial Award

On Sunday February 22nd 2009 at the Queens NYC Chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Annual Awards Luncheon, outgoing BiNet USA President Wendy Curry was given the 4th annual Brenda Howard Memorial Award.

Ms. Curry was formally introduced by Estraven, Moderator of the Westchester Bisexual Support Group who said,
Estraven, Moderator of the Westchester Bisexual Support Group and Wendy Curry President of BiNet USA at teh PFLAG/Brenda Howard Memorial Award February 2009Ladies, Gentlemen, or however you identify yourselves,

We are gathered here today to give the The Brenda Howard Award to Wendy Curry. This award created in 2005 is given yearly, and recognizes an individual or organization whose work on behalf of the LGBT Community best exemplifies the vision, principals and community service exemplified by the late bisexual rights activist Brenda Howard and who serves as a positive and visible role model for the Bisexual Community.

Brenda Howard is known as the “Mother of Pride,” perhaps by now the grandmother of Pride, as it was she who organized the first march a month after the Stonewall rebellion, and then the very first Pride parade a year later, on June 28, 1970 . She was active in the very beginning of the Gay rights movement, and was also a Regional organizer for BiNet USA.

BiNet USA is the American national bisexual Civil rights and advocacy organization. The idea for BiNet USA germinated at the 1987 March on Washington, and was finalized in 1990. BiNet USA was very active in the 90’s, but was hit hard, as were other charitable groups, when donations dried up in the wake of 9/11 in 2001. Wendy had joined BiNet USA in 1997. She started Celebrate Bisexuality Day in 1999, which is now widely celebrated throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. I would like to read to you from an email I got from NYABN:

“There seems to be a real "grass-roots" thing among the Bi-identified kids (especially junior-high and high-school age GSA Girls) from all over the USA to want to wear and decorate with the colours of the Bi Pride Flag for "their day". They are saying things like: "I'm loving me some red, purple and blue today", "gotta dress up and show the red, purple and blue", "showing our red, purple and blue colors today" -- this kid (& a couple of others) sounded like some sort of gang members "showing their colors" LOL! One creative idea that seems to be popular (again, spontaneously in a couple of different places, not connected in any way that I can see) is to take three hair-ribbons in the red, purple and blue and do up your hair as a sign of Bi-Pride. And of course some of the more "creative" kids have streaked their hair with the three colours. This is also popular among the punk and emo boys. And I'm not sure but it sounds like one boy has or is getting a Bi-Pride coloured "Tribal Art" type tattoo.“

So you can see how inspired they are by Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

Wendy is a computer programmer, and her computer and Internet savvy soon came in handy for BiNet USA. She started being a Bi activist in 1991, with her roots in Internet-based Bisexual communities. She was able to use this knowledge to help move the organization onto the Internet, to be able to more efficiently reach out to its constituents, wherever they might be, however isolated they might be. She became Secretary, Vice-President, and is currently President of BiNet USA.

Going on the computer and finding BiNet USA, with all the information and links to the bi community in the US, is where many of the new generation of bi activists such as myself make their start these days, so Wendy can be said, in many ways, to be the mother of the current bi movement in the US.

So as the torch is passed from Brenda to Wendy with this award, she is passing the flame to a new generation with all her hard work, and we are very grateful.

Thank you.
As she accepted the award Ms. Curry said,
BiNet USA President Wendy Curry Receives the 4th Annual Brenda Howard Memorial Award Febuary 2009I am honored to receive an award named after Brenda Howard.

As a kid growing up in a small town in Maine, the news clips of Brenda (ed. Howard) and her friends at early Pride events were the first indication that there were others like me out there. More so, there was a whole group of them!

Those early images left me with a yearning for a community of my own. Due to logistics, this was not possible. Until, that is, the advent of the Internet.

This new electronic medium enabled hundreds like me to dial in and search for kindred spirits. Through Bulletin Board System's (BBS), Newsgroups and Listservs, we connected. Together we shared stories, supported each other, and pooled resources. Our activism grew from our communal efforts.

While I am extremely proud of what we created, the playing field has changed.

In the 1990's, we used the new medium to learn about available books, share reviews and suggest how to acquire them. These days, Amazon provides not only those features, but the ability to download the E-book version in seconds.

Where we created mailing lists to share rare Bi-themed movies, YouTube and Netflix have created instant access to more videos than we ever dreamed possible. And let's not even talk about Google! Lists of Famous Bisexuals that took us weeks to create can be accessed immediately.

Discussions once only available via membership based, moderated Listservs are now accessible to any interested party through Facebook and Myspace boards.

All national BLTGIQQA groups are in the process of adapting with mixed results.

I've come to the conclusion that we are failing because we looking at the technology through our own life's filter. The third wave of bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, queer community organizing must be driven by people coming of age in the current climate.

As Brenda was continuing to build coalitions in New York, she saw my generation moving to define our niche. While she mentored, advised, and supported us . . . She made room for us to create what we needed. I am attempting to follow her example, once again. While I will always be available for consultation and support, I'm stepping down from the BiNet USA presidency to make room for the new blood.

To all the new organizers out there, I challenge you to dream up what you need and make it happen. If the current infrastructure is useful, use it. But when it limits you, scrap it. There is no name recognition, no 501c3 status that can't be recreated

To my peers, I challenge you to give these 3rd wavers the space they need to soar.

Thank you

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creating Change - The National Conference on LGBT Equality is coming to Dallas TX in 2010

Hello Everyone,

I support the Homosexual Activist Agenda!  I have big news . . . next years Creating Change Conference will be held in Dallas next February, from Wednesday the 3rd thru Sunday the 7th 2010.

As the host city, members of the North Texas/Dallas Fort Worth Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community will be heavily involved in making this conference happen. The Bisexual Community needs to have a strong presence in the planning and execution of it too.

This is a huge conference in the LGBT world. People from BiNet USA have already been in contact with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who sponsor the Conference, but it is up to us here locally in the DFW area to really make it all happen.

I've already been in touch with some members of the local planning committee. As soon as I find out more about what types of roles we can play I will let you know.

With that said, we need volunteers! We have a lot of work to do. Let's come together and help make this a success.

Matt Goodman
BFW Bi Net (Dallas Fort Worth LGBT Community)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bi Request the bisexual short film program at Frameline's San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival is happening again in 2009!

Amy Andre Curator of Bi Request the Bisexual Short Film Program at Frameline San Francisco's LGBT Film FestivalBi Request is the bisexual short film program at the annual San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, the largest and most prestigious LGBT film festival in the world. This is the festival that sets the standard for film fests on a global scale. If a film is shown at the San Francisco International, it often gets requested by dozens and dozens of other festivals, many of whom create their roster in part by going through the program guide of this festival. That means big exposure for the film, and the opportunity for the filmmaker to share their art with LGBT people around the world.

A couple of years ago, the B and the T were added to the end of the SF International name – but I noticed right away that that didn’t correspond to having any bi films in the program. I riled up a bunch of bi folks and our allies and turned into a major squeaky wheel about this! Frameline, the organization that puts on the festival, was quick to respond, and worked with me to actively solicit and promote bi material starting with the 2007 festival. Yay!

With Frameline, I volunteered on projects around bi-inclusivity, including: helping update their submissions form to include an emphasis on the search for work by bisexual film-makers/ about bisexual people; sharing information with them on how to see bi content in films; and curating the first ever Bi Request program.

Frameline33: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival June 18-28 2009Bi Request was a huge success, with a packed theatre and fabulous short films about bisexual lives and by bi film-makers from around the world with many of the film-makers were in attendance. And now, we’re doing it again this year, for the third year in a row!! Frameline has asked me to volunteer again this year to curate Bi Request, and of course I once again jumped at the chance – it’s so much fun! So please help me spread the word. Bi film-makers (and film-makers who have make films about bisexual lives/ featuring bisexual characters) can send their short films directly to me for consideration in Bi Request, or they can go through Frameline.

Click here to send a submission directly to Frameline (you’ll see the new statement about looking for films from underrepresented communities – including bi folks!) Or people can send their films to me, but please contact me at amy at amy andre dot com for the address and details.

Let your film-making friends know about Bi Request. And, if you’re in San Francisco from June 18th thru the 28th 2009, please make plans to attend Bi Request, too!

Amy Andre
Curator, Bi Request

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Editorial re: The Fuss about Ezra

Background: Please see the following link for the story about Newark, Delaware City Councilman Ezra Temko's courageous decision to come out as a bisexual, and to fight for LGBTQ rights, [USA]: Delaware City Councilman Ezra Temko Comes Out as Bi

Out Bi-identified Newark, Delaware City Councilman Ezra Temko and his boyfriend Drew Phillips 2009However, as noted in the Bialogue post, instead of drawing praise for fighting for LGBTQ rights, Mr. Temko has been attacked for being bisexual, sadly from within the LGBTQ community.

This has happened before. For example in 2007 when Micah Kellner, also an out bisexual won a NY State Assembly Seat with the active support of the Victory Fund, read thru the comments that were made to this post in a highly regarded LGBT Blog: JoeMyGod: Bisexual Wins Seat In NY State Assembly.

When during a discussion on Local Bi Group Leaders about Ezra Temko and the biphobic reaction his coming out was drawing from a portion of the greater LGBTQ Community, I made this somewhat jocular post about the naïve comments:
"I loved the comment 'It's funny (well, sad actually) to see all these 'gay men' on here who admit they are attracted to women but won't accept that bisexual men actually exist. Quit worrying about all the biphobes and come out of the closet!'

Jung talks about the shadow, how we hate the most in others what we can't stand in ourselves. The comments say over and over 'just sleeping with women doesn't make you bi.'

Well, if having sex with both men and women doesn't make you bi, what on earth does!?!?!?

Sounds like the classic definition of bisexuality to me :)."
Thomas Leavitt responded with this very thought-provoking essay, cross-posted here with his permission:

Well, this is a yes and no issue . . . there are plenty of people who legitimately self-identify as gay, lesbian or straight, who have had (even continue to have) same-sex sexual encounters. It's no one's business to tell someone how to identify.

On the other hand, there's a legitimate point to be argued that there are a lot of people out there who seem to be deliberately avoiding the bisexual label, very specifically within the queer community, and not for reasons related to the gender-binary paradigm. That's a separate and distinct issue from the much larger (at least that's my sense) group of folks in the "straight" community who are totally in the closet about their same-sex attractions.

We need to be able to respect where people are at, while working to remove lingering stigmas associated with bisexuality, and making the case without personalizing it that there seem to be an awful lot of folks who've been in relationships whose membership lands all over on the map, gender wise (it's not just a binary, not just a two-dimensional spectrum, but a multi-dimensional array).

We need to create safe spaces for people to come out as "bisexual", and we especially need to create safe and supportive structures for people to "come out" a second time as "bisexual", who've previously identified as "gay" or "lesbian", because that often involves a duplication and reliving of the original traumas and loss of social context and support networks that folks went through the first time around.

We also need to acknowledge that some people (and I don't think we really know how many) come out as "bisexual", on the way to a "gay" or "lesbian" identity, and that this is fine, but isn't representative of the experience of the majority of people who identify as bisexual, and have for many years.

I'm not sure how to phrase this to avoid potentially inducing a defensive reaction among allies . . . but, fundamentally, I don't see that the mainline GL(BT) organizations, or even the reasonably clueful ones (like NGLTF) are ever going to be comfortable arguing that there are people in the GL community who are really bisexual, but in the closet about it, and need support to "come out". . . . and what we really want, anyway, is an organization whose institutional mission is to support the coming out process of both "queer-identified" and "straight-identified" bisexuals.

I can't see a GL(BT) organization really stretching itself to reach out to str8 identified folks and asking them to come out as bisexual or be supportive of them having a straight identity while exercising same-sex attractions, and seeing their mission as serving these folks as well.

If the leadership of these organizations doesn't identify as bisexual, can they really understand what's needed? Can we take folks whose entire identity is built on the group dynamic of exclusion, and expect them to fuzz up those very boundaries?

At an abstract level, you'd think that substantially expanding the queer community's boundaries would be beneficial to the entire GLBT community, and the organizations supported by it, but that's a real leap in a certain way.

I can't help but think that a large portion of the GL community would react violently negatively to the idea that there are even a significant minority of closeted bisexuals in their ranks, would see it as an attack on their integrity and authenticity and an attempt to argue that their identity is invalid, etc.

We don't face that issue with str8 identified bisexuals, just a whole host of other issues that fall under the general rubric of homophobia, and then maybe a smaller set of issues around figuring out where the sexual acts and sexual identities merge and don't merge and how to deal with inherently high levels of fuzziness of identity.

I don't know . . . somehow, we have to get to the point where the level of sensitivity around sexual identity isn't so high, so that it is totally OK to simply be bisexual, or for someone to point out that, hey, maybe you're not straight or not gay, you're bi, without it being such a loaded thing . . .

See, ultimately, I think this is the central, defining rationale for bi-specific organizations.

I think GL(BT) organizations, no matter how hard they try, are just never going to be able to let go of the "us"/"them", black and white, straight and gay binary paradigms. I think there's a lot of research around group dynamics that supports such an expectation . . . . and, unfortunately, that's one of the core issues we face as well: we have a mandate for inclusion and diversity, but the central, defining act of group creation is drawing boundaries and excluding folks.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Registration Is Open for BECAUSE 2009: Midwest Conference on Bisexuality

Bisexual Empowerment Conference:
A Unique Supportive Experience!

Taking place this year from Friday April 17, 2009 thru Sunday April 19, 2009 at the Coffman Memorial Union on the Twin Cities Campus of the University of Minnesota, the BECAUSE Conference is the premier weekend for bisexuals, pansexuals, fluid, queers, "straight-but-not-narrow" questioning and all others who are neither one thing nor the other.

BECAUSE 2009: Midwest Conference on Bisexuality Bisexual Empowerment Conference: A Unique Supportive Experience! Friday April 17, 2009 thru Sunday April 19, 2009 at the Coffman Memorial Union on the Twin Cities Campus of the University of MinnesotaBECAUSE attracts people from throughout the Midwest and beyond to attend various educational workshops, get active and generally enjoy the community experience. This is the 15th annual BECAUSE bisexual empowerment conference! What a great way to celebrate!

And things are getting so exciting around the planning tables these days! The Theme this year is "Images" -- taking a look at Images in Media and Art of Gender Expression and Sexuality.

  • Robyn Ochs - Keynote Speaker

  • Erika Kate MacDonald - performing FLUID

  • FREE screening of the film Bi the Way at its Minnesota Premier

  • Our conference is going to be bigger and better than ever before. Drag show, live musical entertainment, spoken word, free parking in ramp closest to conference, free breakfast and lunch, and DOZENS of workshops to choose from!

  •  6:30pm - Registration begins

  •  7:00pm - Keynote Speaker

  • Saturday
  •  8:30am - Registration opens

  •  9:00am - Breakfast (provided

  •  9:15am - Workshops

  • 11:30am - Workshops

  • 12:30pm - Lunch (provided) / FLUID Performance

  •  2:15pm - Workshops

  •  4:00pm - Workshops

  •  5:30pm - Dinner (on you)

  •  7:00pm - Social Networking & Refreshments

  •  8:00pm - Entertainment, Drag Show thru 11:30pm

  • Sunday
  • 12 Noon - "Bi The Way" FREE Film screening at U of M's Bell Auditorium

  • Click here to Register NOW Suggested donations for conference attendance: General Admission $45 Student Rate $30. Please pay what you can. If you are able, give a little more to help those who need assistance.

    There is a block of rooms being held at the Days Hotel near Coffman Union --it's pay-your-way, but it will save you searching on your own. Reserve your room right away --they are filling up fast!

    Want to:
  • get involved or volunteer? Ask a question? Send general queries to:

  • submit a Workshop Proposal? Click here to see the guidelines, but hurry the deadline is fast approaching. Need an extension? please contact

  • partake in a drag show? Do you sing, play an instrument, perform spoken word, or have some other talent to share? Contact to get the skinny on the Saturday night entertainment lineup at the conference.

  • Stay up to date with details about the conference by:
  • joining our Yahoo group

  • adding our Event on Yahoo's Upcoming

  • joining our myspace page

  • joining our facebook page

  • We're looking forward to seeing you there!

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    BiNet USA President Wendy Curry to Receive Brenda Howard Memorial Award

    BiNet USA President Wendy Curry to Receive Brenda Howard Memorial Award Please join us on the afternoon of Sunday February 22nd 2009 when the Queens NYC Chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)presents the 4th Annual Brenda Howard Memorial Award to Ms. Wendy Curry President of BiNet USA.

    This award, given yearly, recognizes an individual or organization whose work on behalf of the LGBT Community best exemplifies the vision, principals and community service exemplified by the late bi-identified LGBT rights activist Brenda Howard who serves as a positive and visible role model for the Bisexual Community. This is also the first time a major American LGBT organization has named award after an out bisexual member of the LGBT community.

    In addition to the Brenda Howard Memorial Award the chapter also presents the Morty Manford Award and the Carmel Tavadia Memorial Award.

    Tickets for the Awards Luncheon and PFLAG Fundraiser held at Joe Abbracciamento Restaurant in Queens NYC are $55 or $500 for a table that seats 10.

    Read More About It: "Queens PFLAG to honor three in February" by Anna Gustafson for the Astoria Times

    Even if you can't be there in person you can participate and do a good deed for PFLAG. Every year PFLAG Queens also produces a Commemorative Program an Ad Journal and YOUR AD DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE in allowing PFLAG to Continue its good works! Please see here for more information regarding placing an ad in the 2008 PFLAG Commemorative Program and Journal.

    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    [NY]: Long Island LGBT Center Vandalized

    This very disturbing report was passed along to the community by Florence who runs Long Island's bisexual social & support group Getting Bi that meets twice a month at the Long Island LGBT Center:

    I came in today to find that The GLBT Center here on Long Island had been vandalized. This was no random act. Every window on the van was smashed. The mirrors were mangled. The front door was repeatedly smashed until it was broken through. This was and is being investigated as a hate crime. Please see the statement from David Kilmnick (CEO Long Island GLBT Services) below.

    Social Work Intern
    The Long Island GLBT Center

    --- On Mon, 2/2/09, David Kilmnick, CEO wrote:
    From: David Kilmnick, CEO
    Subject: LI GLBT Community Center Vandalized
    Date: Monday, February 2, 2009, 3:18 PMA


    Dear Long Island Community Member;

    This morning, LIGALY, Center and SAGE-LI staff members arrived at work and were forced to face the terrible realities of homophobia and transphobia (ed. and biphobia) right here on Long Island. At some point between late Saturday and early Monday, The Center's front door was smashed to pieces and our van's windows were broken, mirrors mangled and all the tires were slashed. As soon as we encountered the damage, it was reported to the Suffolk County Police Department and to the Suffolk County Bias Crimes Unit. We believe this was an act of bias and hope that The Police Department continues its investigation looking at this as a hate crime.

    This was not a simple case of vandalism, but an attack on our entire community. We are thankful that this act happened while The Center was closed and therefore no one was physically injured, but this was a clear attempt to instill fear in GLBT people throughout Long Island. I want all Long Islanders to know that we will not stand by and allow anyone to terrorize our community. We will use this heinous act to raise awareness of the discrimination and hatred that GLBT people are all to often a target of. The glass will be cleaned and the van will be back on the road soon, but ultimately it is my hope that we can make this a turning point for GLBT people.

    Damage to the van, which transports more than 50 youth a week to The Center for support and leadership programs, is estimated at over $4,000, while additional damage to the front door is estimated at over $1,000. Please make a donation to The Center today and be part of our anti-violence effort to maintain The Center as a safe space for Long Island's GLBT community.

    Your donation will help The Center re-bound from this hateful vandalism and support the purchase and installation of a security surveillance system. This system will not only help to prevent further vandalism, but will also help to identify those who do commit these hateful acts. Your support will also help to get our van, that transports GLBT youth to and from programs three times a week, back on the road as soon as possible. Please stand up to hate and make a donation to The Center today.

    In Solidarity and With Pride,
    David Kilmnick, PhD, MSW
    Chief Executive Officer
    Long Island GLBT Services Network
    34 Park Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706

    Getting Bi, Long Island’s only social discussion group for bisexuals, provides a safe, bi-positive environment for Long Island bisexuals to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Aside from regular meetings, Getting Bi also hosts events where Long Island bisexuals can meet one another in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. Meeting topics vary and all are welcome to participate.

    Getting Bi meets on the first and third Monday of the month from 7:30-9:00 at The Long Island GLBT Community Center located at 34 Park Avenue in Bay Shore LI.

    For more information contact Florence at 631.665.2300 or via email

    Peer Support for Group Leaders

    Some inquiries on this subject have come in. So in case you all missed the original announcement about this back when it started, yes there is an online peer support group for ALL people who run groups (both the face to face and the online kinds) for the bisexual, fluid, pansexual, hetro/homo-flexible, omnisexual, et al. community.

    The group called Local Bi Group Leaders was started in 2007 by the leader of a local Colorado USA support group who says:

    "This is a place for Local Bi Group Leaders to share their advice with each other. Do you have a support group or a social group, or a combination? Do you invite just woman, men, transgender or all? Where and how do you advertise? Do you meet in person or just online? Are you an activist group or just a group to meet other bisexual/pansexual people? Do you have an affiliation with the local gay and lesbian center? These are just some of the questions we have as we try to get more people involved. Whether you're just starting out and want advice, or you have a hoppin' group and you can share advice, sign up here!"

    The group is conducted in English but has people from all over the world.

    So if you're a professional social-worker running a multi-faceted Community Center, the moderator of an on-line community website or a newbie just setting up a support group at your school or college please come and join up.

    Tuesday, February 03, 2009

    Call for Submissions: BISEXUALITIES and SPIRITUALITIES

    Cover: Journal of BisexualityOver the last decade much has been written about the spirituality of lesbian- and gay-identified persons but not as much about people drawn to more than one gender. As a corpus of work, those writings include diverse voices and experiences across ethnicities, genders, and spiritual/religious traditions. We seek to further the discourse on the relationship between sexuality and spirituality in this special issue of the "Journal of Bisexuality".

    We invite the submission of proposals or completed first drafts that explore and examine bisexualities practiced within, alongside, and in response to spiritualities and vice versa. In this context, spirituality should be understood to be inclusive of religious practice or affiliation but also included in this understanding are ways of life that are rooted in wisdom traditions that are not defined by/as religion. We seek thoughtful, critical, and theoretically grounded work in any form including empirical research articles, creative non-fiction, theoretical essays, narrative inquiry, auto/ethnographies, poetry, short stories, histories, literary criticism, cultural studies, etc., particularly those which foreground intersections, borderlands, or complications.

    Possible topics/questions might be:

  • Bisexuality and the spiritual tradition(s) one is born into and/or chooses for oneself

  • What are the ways in which certain philosophies and spiritual practices create liberatory/oppressive space for the expression of bisexuality?

  • Androgyny and bisexuality in deities, cosmologies, and cosmogonies

  • What does effective spiritual/pastoral counseling for bisexuals look like?

  • The experiences of bisexual clergy and spiritual workers, e.g., rabbis, ministers, imams, shamans, priestesses, priests, nuns, etc.

  • How do bisexualities make it possible for bisexual epistemologies to shape religious/spiritual practices?

  • Sexual fluidities and spiritual/religious fluidities

  • What roles have missionaries, colonialism, and modernity played in the development of bisexualities and spiritualities in the Non-Western/Global South parts of the world?

  • Bisexualities and Earth-based or Goddess-based spiritual systems and religions

  • How can bisexuality and polyamory be forms of spiritual practice?

  • Bisexuality and Deep Ecology/EcoTheology/Ecofeminism/Ecopsychology

    • Proposals Are Due by February 15th 2009
    • Acceptance of proposals will be made by March 1st 2009
    • Full drafts of accepted work are due by June 1st 2009

    Please send queries to the Special Issue Co-editors:

    Dr. Loraine Hutchins email: lorainehutchins @ starpower. net
    Adjunct Professor, LGBT Studies Towson University
    Co-editor Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, Co-founder BiNet USA; et. al.

    Dr. Aih Djehuti Herukhuti email: heru @ blackfunk . org
    Adjunct Professor, Individualized Studies/Socially Responsible Business & Sustainable Communities Goddard College
    Founder Black Funk: The Center for Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality; et. al.

    Please Note: In this post for historical reasons the terms "bisexual" & "bisexuality" are used to denote all those peoples and sexualities that inhabit the space between totally straight and totally gay/lesbian somewhere (i.e., bisexual, bi-curious, omnisexual, pansexual, questioning, queer, fluid, “I don’t label myself,” heteroflexible, homoflexible, two-spirit, gatekeeper, bodeme, et. al.) and all men, women, genderqueer, transgender and not-quite-sure people, as well as people who fall on different places along the monogamous to polyamorous dimension. The Co-editors have most strongly expressed that they would welcome submissions from people who self-define in any (or several) of these ways.

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