Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Spring 2009 issue of 'Bi Lines On Line' has been released today

ROBIN, The Richmond Bisexual Network"Bi Lines On Line" is the long running newsletter produced by ROBIN, The Richmond Bisexual Network. In this Spring 2009 issue a new column about Norfolk, VA based artist Jule Clark has been added. She is the third BGLT (Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender) musical artist that is now feature in the publication. Here is what else you will also find in the current issue:

Item 1: THE WORLD SCENE: The latest issue of "Bi Women" now officially exists
Item 2: THE NATIONAL SCENE: Study finds Mass. Bisexuals face significant health disparities and Gay-rights leaders' enthusiasm for Obama subsides
Item 3A: THE STATE AND LOCAL SCENE: The Latest from the Richmond Gay Community Center (along with Diversity Thrift), and BGLT Singer/Songwriter Julie Clark to perform in both Richmond and Newport News
Item 3B: SPECIAL SECTION JUST FOR EQUALITY VIRGINIA (EV): A Report on the Virginia General Assembly and 20 OUTstanding Virginians to be honored at our April 4 dinner
Item 4: ROBIN RENEE ROUND-UP: The latest news about our favorite Bi Singer/Songwriter
Item 5: AND FEATURING ZOE LEWIS: Perhaps the most musically talented person on the face of the planet!
Item 6: NOW FEATURING JULIE CLARK: We are proud to feature this outstanding musical artist
Item 7: UPCOMING EVENTS: BECAUSE Conference in Minneapolis and Julie Clark in Concert
Item LAST: High Finance - The Business End of Bi Lines On Line

For the newsletter plus the latest news about ROBIN, The Richmond Bisexual Network, you can go to ROBIN's Website and then click on "Our Newsletter". Or you can just click here to go to Bi Lines On Line directly.

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