Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick Hits: and I'll be there, yeah, you've got a friend

Helping Hands: the gay/lesbian community reacing out the hand of friendship to the bi/pan/fluid communityquote from the article "She Didn't Just Kiss Her" in in which a new single picks up where Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" left off and is stirring up praise and controversy
We’ve covered Katy in the magazine several times and we’ve gotten such vicious feedback -- both pro and con. What’s your take on her song and her intentions?
I read that there’s a lot of outrage in the gay community toward her and a feeling that she’s exploited the gay community, but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt and find out more before I make judgments on something like that. I’ve done some reading up on her and she seems to be very supportive of the gay community. I think she’s a little bit taken aback by the reaction -- she’s like, “Hey! I love gay people!” I read that both of her parents are ministers and she said, “They’re fine with it and if they’re fine with it I don’t know why other people aren’t fine with it. What’s the problem?” So, as a songwriter and an artist myself, I always give people leeway to express whatever they want to express. I think she was just making her own little statement -- if she’s not gay, she’s not gay. We shouldn’t be offended by that.

Within in the gay community I think there’s that sentiment of “Either you’re for us or you’re against us” -- even the bisexuals are often given a hard time of it for being “uncommitted” -- but that’s so limiting.
There are so many voices amongst us. It’s almost like reverse discrimination sometimes within the gay community. We need to be as open-minded toward them as we want them to be toward us.
giving much love to singer/songwriter Jen Foster, writer Noah Michelson and for having the wit and courage to speak truth to power