Saturday, May 02, 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous

There is a beautiful bisexual video on YouTube:

On the other hand, regular readers of this blog will know that there are also very sad and misguided people who have turned society's homophobia and biphobia inward against themselves and also against members of their own LGBT Community.

For example we are currently dealing with just such a troubled soul who alternately calls himself Tim or euroboy11 and puts out things with the misleading titles like "Save Our Community", "LGQT Pride", "Honor Our Pride" and so forth. But behind these names lurks an unhappy person who takes delight in harassing and bullying bisexual people. He has been doing this on various venues including YouTube for several months now.

Some of what he he says is very disturbing "hate speech", so the bisexual community and their friends worked together to get his account suspended so he could not use it to harrass people, but he has come back with new accounts saying the same terrible things time and time again.

He recently put up his own anti-bisexual hate video, amusingly enough crudely aping some of the style and wording of of the right-wing anti-LGBT Hate Group National Organization for Marriage's much spoofed spot "Gathering Storm", -- proving I suppose that in the end, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot --- which the alert bisexual crew on YouTube and the members of BiNet USA quickly spotted and got suspended about 15 minutes later.

However, he has simply moved it to his old Web site, (putting the lie to his boasts that he has some "super-secret" new Web site . . . yes he does go in for the paranoid and over dramatic). So please click here for: The Web form to fill out to get that shut down too.

And remember, PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLL!!! He feeds on negative attention. There is no sense in arguing with him. Just report him, block him, thumbs down and mark his comments as spam.