Saturday, May 02, 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous

There is a beautiful bisexual video on YouTube:

On the other hand, regular readers of this blog will know that there are also very sad and misguided people who have turned society's homophobia and biphobia inward against themselves and also against members of their own LGBT Community.

For example we are currently dealing with just such a troubled soul who alternately calls himself Tim or euroboy11 and puts out things with the misleading titles like "Save Our Community", "LGQT Pride", "Honor Our Pride" and so forth. But behind these names lurks an unhappy person who takes delight in harassing and bullying bisexual people. He has been doing this on various venues including YouTube for several months now.

Some of what he he says is very disturbing "hate speech", so the bisexual community and their friends worked together to get his account suspended so he could not use it to harrass people, but he has come back with new accounts saying the same terrible things time and time again.

He recently put up his own anti-bisexual hate video, amusingly enough crudely aping some of the style and wording of of the right-wing anti-LGBT Hate Group National Organization for Marriage's much spoofed spot "Gathering Storm", -- proving I suppose that in the end, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot --- which the alert bisexual crew on YouTube and the members of BiNet USA quickly spotted and got suspended about 15 minutes later.

However, he has simply moved it to his old Web site, (putting the lie to his boasts that he has some "super-secret" new Web site . . . yes he does go in for the paranoid and over dramatic). So please click here for: The Web form to fill out to get that shut down too.

And remember, PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLL!!! He feeds on negative attention. There is no sense in arguing with him. Just report him, block him, thumbs down and mark his comments as spam.


  1. I don't think attempting to shut down his accounts or get him banned from YouTube is the right thing to do. He has the right to express his opinions in a public forum. Just because I personally find those opinions reprehensible doesn't mean I can try to forcibly take away his right to express them.
    Tolerance goes both ways. You can't receive it without giving it. If I start making everyone who doesn't agree with me either say what I want or shut up, that makes me a bigot.
    No thank you.

  2. He says on his channel "We're gonna go on a crusade across the nation and try to do away with the licentious bisexuals." and "it is our sworn duty to eradicate the ferocious homopho -B- ia in LGBT, before it's too late."

    Flip that around. Put in "Jew" or "Black people" where he says bisexual. Do you think that NAACP or the Jewish Anti-Defamation League would be saying for one second, as you do "Oh, he has a right to free speech, it's okay that he is advocating genocide against us?" No, I think they would be fighting his hate speech just as hard as I am saying we should be. I am curious that you seem to think that it is okay for someone to advocate genocide against bisexuals, when I doubt you would think it would be okay for someone to advocate genocide against Jewish or black people.

  3. @ Eidolonamorata

    The same arguing would follow through to allowing anyone to say any hateful thing they please without trying to stop them. Anything from racism to gay bashing.

  4. I've also seen him go by the name of Tim on some other websites. I agree with the above post-this would not be tolerated if was about a race or a religion, why should it be tolerated for us? Free speech does not extend to threats.

  5. On April 6th of this year, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, age 11, committed suicide. He was being teased and taunted at school on a daily basis for being gay. His mother pleaded with the school every week to do something, but nothing was done. This is the fourth time this year a middle-school-aged child suffered such bullying and committed suicide. WORDS KILL.

    Euroboy11 is harrassing and tormenting all the bi kids on YouTube, and telling them to do the LGQT world a favor and kill themselves, after pretending to be their friends. Given the very high rate of suicide in the bisexual world, we are concerned a depressed bi kid might do just that after talking to him. He needs to be banned. Free speech ends with hate speech.

    This is why hate speech against race and gender is now illegal in the workplace, and sexual harrassment, even if it is just words, is also illegal. This is why it is so important to get laws passed against hate speech against sexual orientation and gender identity in schools; so more queer children don't have to die. WORDS KILL.

  6. Thanks to Eidolonamorata for serving as devil’s advocate, and forcing me to clarify my thinking on this point, but I agree with Mizz M:

    If I say I’m going to kill you, that is threatening, and it is against the law in this country.

    If I own a bakery, and go around town saying that my competitor’s bread is full of worms in order to try to drive her out of business, that is slander, and that is illegal.

    If I own a tabloid, and make up a nasty story about a Hollywood star that is so vile that no one will ever want to see his movies again, in order to sell papers, that is libel, and that is illegal.

    If you spent hours writing something, and I steal your words and present them as my own, that is plagarism, and that is illegal.

    Hitler started as a homeless street person with only words as his tool. With only words, he was able to cause the deaths of not only six million people in the concentration camps but all the soldiers on both sides and all the civilians caught in the conflict. All those people, killed by words. Our legal system has very careful laws about the use of words, because words are dangerous and can hurt and destroy lives and livelihoods. Those laws at first protected white men with money, then black men, then women, and we are now trying to get those protections completely extended to queer people. Free speech ends when words begin to hurt, in any of the ways that they can hurt.

  7. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Here he is:

  8. Anonymous10:45 PM

    to eidolonamorata
    learn who your fucking enemy, will you? dont come here saying stupid things, alright? he's PHOBIC. ok? understand THAT.
    a deep passion hate for us and the fact that he keeps threatening us and telling litle kids to commit suicide.
    YAY you totally should appluade that eidolonamorata. while you're at it, why dont you tell everyone in the lgbtp community to leave homophobics alone cuz they too have the right to spit their hate speech all over my faces ^.^

    you comment pisses me off so much.

  9. Anonymous5:32 AM

    he's already taken his profile down, but I heard there's a picture of him floating around on the internet, and I know his name, it is Tim Garcia, and he lives in San Fransisco, CA. He makes no attempt to hide this on his myspace profile. They've also taken his website down it seems. :)

  10. The last comment directly to eidolonamorata
    illustrates this whole discussion very clearly.

    I'm certain it was from one of the brave YouTube kids who has been being harrassed for months over and over and over by euroboy, and his or her frustration shows through clearly. This extreme frustration is caused by the fact that euroboy just kept tormenting all the bisexuals on YouTube over and over and over, month after month, and just would not stop, despite their repeated requests.

    Although since I have been fighting euroboy on YouTube too, I understand the anonymous poster's frustration, I obviously believe in people not expressing themselves in a hurtful way, so when I read this comment, I was in a dilemma. eidolonamorata believes in total free speech, but I wonder how s/he feels when it is turned against him/her?

    Nonetheless, this is the official Website of all the bi/pan/fluid people in the US. We cannot behave publicly in a way that makes us look bad, and say the things here we might in a comment on YouTube that no one will see. We are all somewhere between straight and gay, and we may REALLY STRONGLY disagree with a poster here, but they are part of the community too, and here we need to treat each other with respect and dignity. I DO believe in free speech, and that anyone has a right to express an opinion here without being personally attacked or vulgar language being used. If a comment really makes you angry, go call a friend, vent to them, compose your response offline, come back later, think how it would look on the front page of the New York Times, edit it accordingly, and then and only then post it here ;) We are discussing ideas here, not trying to hurt each other, otherwise we are no better than euroboy :(

  11. I agree, there is Freedom of Speech, and then there is Abuse of Freedom of Speech to Incite Hatred! The latter, should NEVER be tolerated.
    I've actually spent nearly 8 years being constantly stalked, cyber bullied, threatened, having my full address/name/kids names/school, etc posted in to chat rooms all over the globe by a person claiming to be a m2f transsexual. This person has seriously damaged my whole family, and as a result of the lies this person perpetrated online, which somehow got back to my daughter at own daughter will now no longer even speak to me, leaving my son and I feeling devastated.
    I fully support the concept of freedom of speech.....but I fully believe there is a huge difference between "Freedom of Speech" and "Incitement of Hatred Using Freedom of Speech Laws to hide behind". Hate Kills and Hate Destroys Lives. Don't tolerate that.

  12. Kelly, I'm so sorry about what you are going through. Australia now has a $300,000 penalty for cyberbullying/harrassment, and various states in the US have also passed laws against it. It is only a matter of time before it is illegal everywhere.

    There are several Websites that will help you, although you have probably tried all of that :(