Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick Hits: Abby Is A Dear and Accurate Too

In her column of Tuesday, May 19th 2009 "Dear Abby", a doyenne among American Advise Columnists gave a lovely, levelheaded and amazingly accurate answer to a worried reader.

Dear Abby - Photo of the writers of Dear Abby, Pauline Phillips and her daughter Jeanne PhillipsThe column is entitled "Son Struggles To Accept Dad's Preference For Men" and in it a reader who signs himself "Caring Son In Miami" expresses confusion and concern that his now 83-year old widowed father is dating men and women. While the Son makes it clear that he and his Dad have a good relationship and that his family is not now and has never been homophobic, the Son says " I'm shocked that the fact he is gay has been so difficult for me to accept." and asks for help so that he might become more accepting.

In her answer, Ms. Jeanne Phillips writing under her pen-name of Abigail Van Buren calmly tells the Son that "Your father appears to be bisexual, which means he is attracted to both men and women." And then proceeded to give reassuring, low-key and sensible advice.

We all say "Hurrah!" for both explaining that LGBT People are everyday folks and nothing to get excited about AND for resisting the temptation to acquiesce to the idea that any same gender attraction should automatically be labeled "Gay" and accurately telling it like it is. People feeling moved to send her notes of thank should Click Here and fill out the easy to use form.