Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama and DOMA

DOMA is the "Defense of Marriage Act." Right now, even if two
people of the same gender are legally married in one of the
states that allows it, they do not get the Federal Income Tax
deduction for married people because of DOMA, or any of the
other over 1,000 Federal rights granted to married people.
DOMA says that same-gender marriages are not granted any
Federal recognition or rights. Smelt and Hammer, who married
in California in July, decided to challenge DOMA in Federal
court. Many people felt that their challenge was hasty, as
the current Supreme Court might not be on our side, and
counseled them to wait until Obama had a chance to appoint a
justice or two. But they went ahead anyway. No one was really
expecting the challenge to win, with a hasty, ill-prepared
suit, but the result was shockingly bad:


The language of the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss Smelt vs. United States is so homophobic as to be appalling, and their arguments incredibly damaging. The above blog got the entire queer community upset. Calmer voices then spoke up to say that this case was not the one, and should have been dismissed:


but the way in which this case was dismissed is still intolerably insulting to the entire LGBT community.

From the Rick Warren incident to the Solicitor General's Office arguing in a brief to the Supreme Court that the military "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was constitutional, and now this, an ugly pattern is developing. Obama promised us he would repeal DADT and DOMA. He needs to know we are watching, and he cannot sneak things by us. We are reasonable, and don’t expect him to fix everything overnight, but even reasonable people will not tolerate the vileness of the language of this motion. Please write to him and let him know what you think at either:

President Obama
The White House
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