Monday, June 29, 2009

Tragic News from North Texas

Matt Goodman, who is President of BiNET for North Texas, posted
this on the BiNET USA Yahoo group:

"We have some tragic news from North Texas...
Last night the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas...
Ft. Worth Police entered the bar and began to harass and arrest
many of the patrons there. The patrons at the bar were doing
nothing lewd, or wild. On this anniversary of Stonewall, we are
reminded that we are not far from where we have come, and we
have a lot of work to do. For more info on the story go to:

Equality Texas is starting an email campaign to
make sure something is done about this. Tou can
get involved at:

Please remember that they are still beating up queer people in
Texas, so any emails really do need to be polite so as not to
increase the hate. However, the police do need to know that
the whole country is watching, and they cannot get away with
this. Apparently it is against the law to be intoxicated in
public in Texas, but the people involved were INSIDE the bar
at the time, and the police had no way of knowing whether or
not they had made arrangements for designated drivers. For
those of you near Fort Worth, or who can notify friends
near Fort Worth, a commenter on the first article,
Paul, further requests:

"A year ago the bars in Seattle were hit with bomb threats.
Instead of staying away, the gays flocked to the bars to
show their support.

We should do the same for the Rainbow Lounge. Gays should
plan to show up there in mass this weekend to show support
of (those who were arrested)."

The Creating Change conference will be held in Dallas in
February next year, which is right next to Fort Worth.

There will be a Bisexual Hospitality Suite, and Robyn Ochs is
planning to be there. Although the details have not yet been
finalized, BiNET USA is working towards having its semi-annual
membership meeting there. Let’s all go to show support for the
embattled Fort Worth queer community.