Monday, July 13, 2009

Bisexuals Support the Rev Eric Lee in the face of DISMISSAL

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights group partly founded by Martin Luther King Jr., has threatened to fire the president of its Los Angeles chapter because he supports same-sex marriage . . . "I'm not going to let their inaction handcuff me from fighting for justice," Lee said. - Los Angeles Times
The Reverend Eric P. Lee is President/CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference-Los Angeles, as well as the Chairman/President of the California Christian Leadership Conference, the parent organization for seven California SCLC Chapters.

bayard rustin (by _Faith)Unfortunately, a founder of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was removed from office for being LGBT, Bayard Rustin, (see the terrific film on his life, Brother Outsider on LOGO or order it today at

Saddest thing? Even the folks over at jesus-is-savior(dot)com a fundamental Christian website know Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Jr. supported LGBT Civil Liberties.

Coretta Scott King Supports LGBT Americans! (by _Faith)
So why is THE MESSAGE OF Love and Tolerance still missing from SCLC? To deny even established leadership the opportunity to redefine injustice and intolerance indicates this group is erring on the wrong side of their OWN history, so please use your voice and speak up in favor of human rights!

Submit a letter of support for Rev. Eric Lee's involvement in marriage equality visibility on the SCLC website!

The Los Angeles Bi Center was recently invited to attend the launch of Rev. Lee's latest book at a Courage Campaign event. We are SOOOOO there!* As Bisexuals, we easily recognize when equality is ill-defined and not held to the same standard that LOVE should be; open, fair-minded and free.

*yes, this bi is in cali, can't ya tell ;)