Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Genocidal Pastor

Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not kill?"

Pastor Stephen L. Anderson, of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, like Phelps, is advocating the death of queers. He is an Independent Bapsist, and so not part of any larger denomination who could be asked to put pressure on him. The Independent Baptists all preach against homosexuality, but not to the degree he does:

You can watch his video at:

Please flag his video for hate speech, and you can also report him at:

It takes a bit of patience to report him, because you have to wade through 420 video in order to be able to click on this one "The Truth about the Sodomites." But it's worth it if we can get him banned.

Jackson, of Queer Subversion, has written very eloquently about this:

We can also get Anderson's Web site shut down. To see how, go to Queer Action Alerts at:

Update Wednesday 26 Ahugust 2009: From Pam's House Blend Heat-packing protester connected to Pastor Steven Anderson


  1. I watched the whole "Truth about the Sodomites" video, to find the part where he "advocates the death of queers". I wanted to quote the time where he says it when I reported the video. There is a problem though. While the whole thing is obviously packed with distasteful speech, the closest thing I could find to what you reference is where he interprets the bible as saying that homosexuals will be struck down by God. But nowhere in here does he advocate killing anyone. Now, would he probably enjoy it if they were? You bet, he's obviously an angry man.

    You're hurting the cause to say something is in the video when it's not. This was my first visit to your blog, through a link on, and you've already discredited yourself. That is too bad.

    Remember people... don't just do what people tell you. Gather facts for youself first.

  2. There is more media online than just a video, which is just an example. He very clearly advocates the death of queers, even if he doesn't say people should go out and kill us by saying we should be executed by the government.

    "The truth is our government should follow the Bible & enforce the death penalty for the queers & this world would be a much better place." This comes right from the video's description, you don't even need to watch the video to see it. That advocates the death of queers. Clearly. "Enforce the death penalty for the queers" is advocating for the death of queers. But add to that his insane anti-cop attitude, and what he's advocating isn't even the normal "make the law stupid" spew. He's been "abused" by the cops on several occasions, which I assume is because of his total lack of regard for the law, if he even knows what the law is.

    I think saying BiNetUSA is "discrediting" themselves is a strong misjudgment... the same type that I see all too often in the queer community, where a group or individual is viewed as harming a cause by trying to instigate action that could look unpopular. This isn't a case like with the transsexual murder hoaxes where people are reporting on something that absolutely never happened. We know that he is dangerous and incendiary.

    On a personal note, I think it's necessary to do something about him, although I don't know what exactly. He is clearly violating the terms of use for almost every online service he uses, from YouTube's policy against hate speech to IPOWER's hate speech policy, neither of which are contingent on saying "Go out and murder queer people."

    Happy trails,

  3. Thanks to Vaughn and Jackson for their thought-provoking comments. Since Vaughn is new here, I would appreciate it if you would go back and read the comments to:

    which clarify my position that free speech ends when those words begin to hurt people.

    Usually we are fighting YouTube trolls who are just lone haters. This is new; that the hater is leader of at least a small flock, and expressing a view held by many, not just himself. It does raise more complex issues.

    However, I believe Pastor Anderson can say whatever he wants in front of his flock in Tempe, Arizona. When he goes public on the Internet, that is a different story. Then he has to abide by the rules of the Internet, and he is not. As Jackson notes, he did not even do what the police asked him to do, and paid the price, as he seems to feel he is above all laws. Again, what we need to to is stop him from saying hurtful things publically.

  4. Wow, So much hatred... I reported this man for reporting hate speech.