Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Intersection, Electric

an Essay by Faith Cheltenham

Bisexual Writer/Comedian, web and media producer and BiNet USA Board Member Ms. Faith CheltenhamIn 2004, Diane Finnerty, co-director of the Raíces (Roots) project at the University of Iowa wrote an open letter beseeching her white Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender sisters and brothers to recognize the danger of being “enlisted knowingly or unknowingly in [a] racist agenda.”

Finnerty advocated against making “statements that diminish the impact of racism” like “I’m surprised that you, as a person of color, wouldn’t understand this is a civil rights issue.”

While marriage equality has become a dominating issue for LGBT Americans, according to the Human Rights Campaign’s new study, At The Intersection: Race, Sexuality and Gender" (or download pdf) LGBT people of color still experience more discrimination due to race than because of sexual orientation. Shedding light on everyday experiences of LGBT people of color, “At the Intersection” exposes a collective truth outside of just anecdotal evidence while suggesting key talking points for discussing social justice across lines we have too long used to define.

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Equality Forward a campaign of the Human Right's Campaignthis essay is from "A National Conversation about Race, Sexuality and Gender" part of Equality Forward a campaign by the Human Right's Campaign posted on August 12, 2009 by Faith Cheltenham, a web and media producer, a Bisexual Writer/Comedian as well as a current Board Member of BiNet USA