Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Community Unites

It all started so innocently. Bisexual and Lesbian related stuff was being promoted via Twitter; some nice Gay Pride and Bi Pride bracelets, a Web series about a woman who has always thought she was Lesbian who finds herself falling for a man, and how she herself and her friends react to it, etc. So the words "Lesbian" and "bisexual" were linked in the same tweet, which was merely promoting Valentine's Day stuff of interest to the community. Suddenly this huge flame war started against the person who does BiNET twittering, who never ONCE said that Lesbians are bisexual, saying that she had said that, by a group called The Lesbian Mafia.

The bi community was completely confused by this, as it came of of nowhere in reaction to nothing. This tempest in a teapot grew over Saturday the 13th into Sunday, mostly via Twitter, and grew to scary proportions, with violent personal threats against people who stood up against their biphobia (up to and including lynching), very racist comments against members of the bi community who happen to be POC (people of color), even a podcast mocking the fact that bisexuals were upset, etc.

But even in the face of personal, obscene, physical threats, we did not back down. The community stood up in support of one another, on Twitter, with blogs, on Facebook and in emails. Most touchingly of all, many Lesbians stood up with us against the biphobia of the Lesbian Mafia, saying things like "EXACTLY, I'm a homo who's reppin' for ALL the communities!" "I refuse to be part of a group where they only stick to their own kind & want to be narrow-minded, ignorant & give other LGBTQ communites a bad name...I don't want to be part of that."

Indeed, the result of all this is that, on Valentine's Day, we are left with a warm feeling of being supported and cared for, and the community is stronger than ever. We are deeply grateful to both those in our own community and to our allies for standing up.


  1. Boy, this is not exactly selling me on Twitter! I get more than my daily RDA of mean-girling from blogs and living in NYC.

    I'm very glad that some lesbians stood up against the Lesbian Mafia, though, and that bisexual people stood together. As a bisexual woman married to a lesbian, this means a lot to me. My wife has a couple of "concerned" lesbian friends who act like I'll leave her for the first attractive pizza delivery boy I see, and it sucks. We like to joke about this occasionally, but frankly, I think it insults us both, not just me.

    Thank you for discussing this. One day, I hope this discussion just dies.

  2. Thanks, CrackerLilo, for the supportive words. Support is continuing to flow in from all over the place, which we greatly appreciate.

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM Pretty crazy stuff! I joined the Lesbian Mafia fan page on fb cos one of the hosts of the show was on my flist...Now while I agree that lesbians are not bisexual, that flame ware was completely uncalled for. Especially since the tweet in question was completely misread.