Monday, February 08, 2010

Creating Change 2010

Hello Everyone,

Creating Change 2010 is over, and the Bi's have left the Sheraton Dallas. Now, I need to talk and express my thoughts about the last five days. This was a historical Creating Change for the Bi Community. Never before have we seen a Bi/Pan/Omni/Fluid Institute at Creating Change or a Bi Hospitality Suite. Two events I was heavily involved in...

The first ever bi suite is empty... The Bi Pride Flags are down... and I'm not there watching our home anymore. For five days, Dallas was home to the National Bi Community. We had a place to call our own, to bond, connect and build a community. It was simply incredible to be in a safe space that was open to everyone. The space that became our home will always be a warm place in my heart. I was fortunate to see the magic it had. We educated people... became friends... then we became a family. I would personally like to thank Sue Hyde and Rea Carey with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. In my views, they are our biggest allies. I look forward to seeing them stop by next year in the Bi Hospitality Suite at the next Creating Change.

The BI/Pan/Omni/Fluid Institute was monumental (first ever paid by Creating Change, although we think there was one at Creating Change Oakland paid by BiPol). People from all walks of life were there discussing where they think the Bi/Pan/Omni/Fluid Movement should, no MUST go from here. In that room on the 37th floor, overlooking my hometown on a foggy day, I think the people assembled charged the Bi Community with the following mission: to increase Bi Visibility and rid the world of Bi Erasure.

I hope that those who attended and found a home with us in Dallas continue being inspired and work to build a better world for all. I for one am an Agent of Change.

With much love,

Matt Goodman

Bisexual Community of North Texas