Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Community Unites (Part II)

For the beginning of this story, please read “A Community
Unites” (below). The very quick summary is that bisexual
and Lesbian Valentine’s Day related products were being
promoted via Twitter. Somehow this got twisted into our
saying “Lesbians are bisexual” by either the leader of
the Lesbian Mafia or someone posing as her, even though
we have saved the Twitter logs and we never said that.

We were unaware of The Lesbian Mafia before this flame war,
but that got us listening to their podcasts. In the confusion
of the mass spam attack on us they mounted, we thought their

was mocking us for being offended (it is not, it was their very first
podcast). However, since that podcast (start listening at about 24
minutes) also states “All bisexuals are whores.” (They are)
straight one day, do both the next, the next day a llama.”
“(I find them) repulsive,” “disgusting,” and their
lives are “a circus,” many of us wrote in to ask her
podcasting service to have that podcast removed.

BiNET USA then began to get letters from our allies saying that
they were getting threatening letters implying some harm if they
continued to support us.

“To Whom it Maybe Concern,

Are you aware that BinetUSA use the Internet as a platform to
Cyber bully, stalk, harass and abuse, gay bash women with sexist
woman-hating threats? They have been trolling me for over 2
years and and spend much of their time gay/woman/racist
bashing me by creating multiple accounts online calling me
sexist epithets like "stupid white bitch." At one point
they were talking about me dying. Twitter has shut down a
few of their accounts but this person is mentally ill and
continues to create new accounts to cyber stalk, harass,
bully, threaten, spam, abuse.

I am keeping this email that I have sent you on file. I
would like for you to be aware of your associations

and how they affect your organization if you
support them."

To set the record straight:

BiNET USA was not even aware that the Lesbian Mafia existed until
Feb. 13th, 2010.

BiNET USA did not even have a Twitter account until May, 2009.

If a person receives a tweet s/he does not like, all they have to
do is block the sender. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE CYBER
and only one Twitter account. However, since The Lesbian
Mafia’s very first Podcast was highly offensive to bisexuals,
and she admits in later podcasts that she bi-bashes, it is
quite likely that she gets angry tweets from bisexuals.
She may be confusing those with tweets from BiNET USA.

As time progressed, Cowtown Bisexual did put up a thoughtful
post about times that a woman might identify as Lesbian while
behaving as bisexual:

Lesbians are not bisexual unless they are

This person posted comments to the Cowtown Bisexual blog, and
tried to post comments on our blog personally threatening our
programmer: “And be very careful before you take to Cyber
Bullying while hiding behind your computer screen like the
coward that you are. If you didn't know laws have been passed
and every move you make on the internet is tracked. My buddies
know everything about you honey. Eeeeeeverything about your
present, your past, your location....eeeeeverything.”

As you can see from reading the previous blog, we explain it was
all a mistake, we never said “Lesbians are bisexual.” But that
did not stop her. Apparently she was warned by her podcast
administrator to stop the personal threats (from a follow-up
letter when one of our alert friends asked her to provide a name
and substantiation for her accusations): “he can spread false
accusation about me on my own threat to my listeners is hurting
my program and of course affecting possible advertising, my
higher up already messaged me about it.”
So now she is
going after BiNET.

To summarize: we never said Lesbians are bisexual, although any
thoughtful person will acknowledge that there are no hard and
fast rules about sexual orientation and gender identity. We only
send out tweets about articles, products, shows, etc., that might
be of interest to the bisexual and LGT community. We only have
one person who tweets for us, so we don’t really have time to
do anything more than that. With only one person doing it, it
can hardly be considered to be spamming. We have a huge amount
of saved twitter logs of whoever this is being viciously
personally insulting to people up to and including our
beautiful woman of color Vice President, Faith:


NEXT TO PRETTY PEOPLE?" and lots more of the same.

I doubt they can provide one single instance of an actual BiNET
person even being rude. However, if she does not wish to receive
Twitter promoting bisexual merchandise, etc. again she simply
needs to block the BiNET twitter feed.

Finally, our bi allies who have received these emails and passed
them on to us have been incredibly supportive, so once again this
has brought the larger bi community closer together. And the final
irony of this all is that it started when we were promoting bi and
Lesbian Pride bracelets made by a young Lesbian sister, just
because we like her and were trying to help her. So because we
were inclusive and tried to help a Lesbian, a Lesbian group
is in an all-out war against BiNET?