Sunday, March 14, 2010

Constance and her Prom dream date

We all dream of our Senior Prom, of the wonderful person who will be on our arm, of how good we will look, of how great that night of a lifetime will be …. But for Constance McMillen, of Itawamba County Agricultural High School, that dream has turned into a nightmare, simply because her dream date was a young woman, and what she wanted to wear was a tuxedo. First the principal of the school told her she could not bring who she wanted, nor wear what she wanted, and then, when Constance enlisted the aid of the ACLU, and a letter was sent on her behalf, he cancelled the entire prom.

At first Constance was frightened that she would be so hated and blamed that she was afraid to go back to school, but very bravely, she is back in school. The ACLU is rapidly working to fight now for the whole class to have their prom, since the prom is April 2nd.

If this does not work, many groups and people have stepped in to fund and run an alternate prom, but have been asked to funnel their efforts throught this group, which still needs help with donations:

You can also join the Constance McMillen fan page on FaceBook:


She has made a very sweet thank-you video on YouTube:

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