Thursday, March 25, 2010

Queering the Census

What is the only thing on earth that could possibly be cooler
than a YouTube video with slam poet Kit Yan in it? A YouTube
video with Kit Yan and BiNET's own vivacious VP, Faith
Cheltenham, in it!!!

As you can see from the video, it is that time again, the time
once every 10 years when we get to stand up and be counted so
that money and votes get sent to our districts. Under Bush, even
if a same-gender couple listed themselves as married, this was
changed to unmarried partner. Now, people can list themselves as
they are, so the fact that there ARE millions of married same-
gender couples across the US, and the sky is NOT falling, can be

You can read exactly how to do it here:

If you want to Queer the Census even futher, you can sign the
petition at the Queer the Census Website:

You can also get a sticker from them to put on the back of your
Census envelope when you mail it in.