Friday, April 30, 2010

20th Anniversary of BiNet USA -- Are You Ready to (Throw a House) Party?!

Hey, all, BiNet USA turns 20(!) at the end of June, so we're promoting -- and hoping YOU'LL promote -- local bi participation in your regions' Pride Festivals during that time, and hold house parties in your homes, towns, parks, etc., on Bi VisiBIlity Day (a.k.a. Celebrate Bisexuality Day) Thursday Sept. 23 (or the weekend just after that). We're making this a yearlong (actually two-year-long) celebration of Bi Visibility and Pride: We kicked it off in February at Creating Change in Dallas with the first Bi/Pan/Fluid Organizing Institute at CC, and our plan is to throw a BiNet USA Anniversary Celebration at the next one this coming February in Minneapolis. We need your participation, your remembrances and memorabilia (it can be via cyberspace: emails, photos, etc) ... well, yes, we need donations, too ... but most of all your participation. Can you hold a house party in September? Are you willing to organize a local Pride March bi contingent honoring both your local people and 20 years of activism? Are you ready to venture to a Minnesota winter wonderland (now that many of you have enjoyed a spring there at BECAUSE)? If so, contact us at or 1-800-JULY-FOURTH (1-800-585-9368) to let us know what you'd like to do, and what help you need! (Really want to get more involved? We're always accepting board of director applications!) Feel free to cross-post this :)

P.S.: If you're a former board member, regional rep, task force member or volunteer, contact me! If you know of one who's no longer active in the national movement, let them know about this too, and spread the word -- thanks!


Gary North
President, BiNet USA
800-585-9368 toll-free