Saturday, June 19, 2010

Even MORE to the White House!

Robyn Ochs reports that Gunner Scott and Nancy Nangeroni, the chair and vice chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, will be at the White House reception Tuesday, and BOTH of them identify as bi as well as trans. Wonder who else is attending who many assume are gay/lesbian but actually consider themselves as bi!

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  1. Marcus3:00 PM

    Too many people in this world are forced to pick one or the other -especially for males. Society does not want male bisexuals to exist. We are told that we're 'confused' or shunned because we are perceived to have some sort of fluidity and can pick & choose where and when we get attracted to people. This pressure comes from both the heterosexuals and the gays in the world. This is painfully incorrect and damaging to our social status. There are too many men (and women) who are forced to pick one or the other and live a life of dishonesty and misery.