Thursday, August 25, 2011

Real To Everyone: Bisexual Study Sponsored by AIB Makes The News

Just this week, the journal of Biological Psychology published a Northwestern University study that contradicted 2005 research questioning whether male bisexuality even existed. It was the second of two such papers that finds that it does.

"Bisexuality is an orientation among men, just like heterosexuality and homosexuality," said Allen Rosenthal, a doctoral student in the university's psychology department and lead author of the study.
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Many congrats to AIB, and all the brave folks who were in this study. Many congrats to the all the bi folks who are speaking from their experience with their friends, family and others about this amazing orientation spectrum so many of us call home! We all have lots of different ways of expressing ourselves and our sexuality. While it can be a lil abrasive to be called "real", one is reminded of the Velveteen Rabbit -- what makes us real is our love, and those who love us. Each and every one deserves that kind of reality I think!