Saturday, August 27, 2011

What do you think of the new study on bisexual men?


  1. I have nothing polite to say about Bailey. I appreciate AIB's willingness to engage him, and to formulate a study with reasonable parameters, so that Bailey's earlier study on the topic was countered and it's negative effects mostly ameliorated, but we it's tragic and wasteful that they had to spend time and money on nonsense like this.

  2. Now that we have all heard about and have had time to digest the study validating bi men as real people with real feelings, many of us are dutifully disgusted as we are encouraged by the results.

    This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our new found acceptance and start discussing what we like, what we need, and what kind of environments and social structures would we design for ourselves that would be supportive, nurturing, and sexually reinforcing.

  3. This research was done to conter some research that was done in 2005, by this same group, and reported on by the New York Times under the headline "Gay, Straight, or Lying? This research used very flawed methodology, but nonetheless claimed to proove that bisexual men do not exist.

    I defend the bi community from biphobic attacks all over the Internet. Since "Gay, Straight, or Lying" came out it has been thrown at us as proof that bi men don't exist, and all one could do was to go through a lengthy explanation of why it was poor science (which no one ever listened to). You really have to have done what I have been doing for years, arguing against biphobic attacks against bisexuals all over the Internet, to know how often that study gets cited by biphobes, and to understand the negative power that that one little study has had. It's really quite amazing how powerful it was, but no one is happier and crueler than a bigot armed with so-called science.

    I have been aware of this new research for a while, and it has been wonderful to be able to counter "Gay, Straight, or Lying?" with the fact that Bailey himself, in a better-done study, has now proved that bi men DO exist. This was the single most important thing that could have happened for bi men, to undo the single most damaging thing that ever happened to them.

    Both studies were actually done by graduate students for their doctoral dissertations; one does not expect stellar research from a graduate student. That is part of why it is so amazing that "Gay, Straight, or Lying?" gained such horrible negative propaganda value against bi men, out of all proportion to the quality of the research. This is why countering this huge negative propaganda was so important that the bi community itself funded this new research, and funded the same group to do a better done study. Obviously if studied correctly, bi men would be found to exist, since they do, and that is exactly what happened. The bi community owes AIB a HUGE debt of gratitude for funding this important piece of research.

    And as for Bailey himself, a true scientist will change his mind when new data comes in that contradicts his theories. Some "scientists" are so in love with their
    own theories that they cannot change their minds, no matter what the data is, but Bailey has shown that he is, at least, a true scientist.

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    During the "Bailey years" I was harassed at school, at work, on a stage set , at a gallery opening, at a party, via online dating. Even professional therapists denounced my existence. This has had a devastating effect on my life. Ironically most of my relationships have been with the opposite sex. I am still recovering.