Monday, February 27, 2012


We have an upcoming issue that will be highlighting minority groups within the GLBT Catholic community, of which bisexuals are a part. I am writing to inquire if any of your members would be interested in submitting a piece for publication. The parameters are pretty open. We would like to hear from a bisexual Catholic (current or former), on what it’s like to be bisexual and religious, or how they incorporate both parts of themselves into their lives. Basically, we want to hear their story—their triumphs or struggles, their questioning or assurance—anything they’d like to speak about in relation to their sexual orientation and their spirituality. As an example, I am attaching a piece that I recently wrote for publication in one of our issues.

Stories are typically 2-3 typed pages in length but can vary. Authors can remain anonymous is they wish to do so. We are looking at a possible publication in July, so would like to pieces by the end of June.

Would you be able to pass this email along to your members or anyone you think might be interested? Anyone interested in submitting a piece for publication can contact me at with any questions.

Celebrating the wholeness and holiness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics
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