Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Clive Davis Coming Out As Bi Matters

"He is bisexual, he told me. Since the end of his second marriage in 1985, he has been sexually involved with men. At first with both men and women, Davis said, but for the past 20 years with two male partners: A doctor for 13 years and for the past seven, with another man he does not name.  He tells me bisexuality is 'maligned and misunderstood' but that it is his truth and he decided it was time for him to say so publicly.  I asked Davis about the old adage that people are “either gay, straight or lying.”
'I’m not lying,' Davis said. '[Bisexuality] does exist. For over 50 years I never had sex with a male. It wasn’t repressed.  I had very good sexual relationships with women.'" - ABC's Nightline Interview With Clive Davis
Legendary music producer Clive Davis gives a great answer to the discriminatory question of whether he could really be bisexualLike a champ, Clive rejects the notion that his life and his love are a fallacy saying, "No, I never felt shame, I felt puzzled.  Bisexuality needs much more discussion because it is a status that does exist."  

Clive's right, bisexuality DOES need much more discussion, and BiNet USA is working hard on behalf of an entire community that has zero funding and zero full-time staff members.  Despite the fact that bisexuals make up the largest population of people within the LGBT community, no single LGBT non-profit has staff directly working on bisexual issues.  Most large-scale LGBT organizations don't even have a tab on their website that says bisexual, and provide little to no information about the bisexual identity or where bisexuals can find assistance.  Yet many of these same organizations utilize statistics pertaining to OUR community to receive their funding.  For we bisexual people are more likely to think about suicide, we are more likely to be sexually assaulted or stalked, we are more likely to have poorer health outcomes, and while the workplace gets easier for gay and lesbians, more and more bisexuals are forced to stay in the closet or lose their jobs!   

Despite so many tremendous hurdles, bisexual and other non-monosexual identified people continue to raise families, graduate from college, fall in love or out, and live our lives as best we can.  We march in LGBT Pride Parades and we wave our flags on Bi Pride Day!  We support each other in Facebook groups and TwitterWe will also continue to demand the real recognition of the many in our community with more than one identity, whether we are transgender and bi, differently abled and bi, or people of color and bisexualEvery single one of us matters and every person who isn't gay or straight deserves to live a life filled with safety, security and respect.   

Follow Clive's lead, and donate today to support bisexual advocacy and organizing. For just $5 dollars per month, you will make a real difference in the lives of bisexual people.

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