Thursday, April 04, 2013

NEWS ALERT: Bisexual Teen Beaten In Sacramento

"ELK GROVE (CBS13) – An Elk Grove teenager says he and his friends were beaten up in a public park because he’s bisexual. So why aren’t police calling this a hate crime?
“We were easy bait to be picked on,” victim Max Aistrup said.
As an openly bisexual 16-year-old, Aistrup knows what it’s like being bullied. Only this time, it wasn’t just words, but punches.
“They called us (expletive). Anything you can think of they pretty much said,” said Aistrup.
Aistrup says he and his friends were attacked in broad daylight walking through a quiet, well-kept Elk Grove Park. He says seven guys came up making derogatory comments. Aistrup speculates it could be because they saw his rainbow t-shirt." -
Max's dad has asked BiNet USA to publicize his story in hopes of providing support to Max and other GLBTQ teens who are being bullied across the nation.  If you'd like to interview Max's dad please email us at