Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BiNet USA on HuffPo LIVE Wednesday 6/26/13

Wednesday afternoon, I will be appearing on HuffPo LIVE to discuss biphobia in a live video segment moderated by Josh Zepps.

The teaser is:

B: The Most Despised Letter In LGBTQ?  
Bisexuals: Caught Between A Rock & A Queer Place
"Bisexuality is marginalized by both straight and gay people alike, many of whom believe bisexuals are undecided, closeted or impostors in the queer community. Why can't bisexuals get any love?"

The link includes a "notify me when this starts" button.  It is currently scheduled for 3:30 EDT.  I am looking forward to this discussion and hope you will join in to listen and comment.

I also invite you to comment, ask questions, and discuss in this space as well as at HuffPo LIVE!

Patrick RichardsFink