Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bisexual Sorority Launches

Baltimore, Maryland — Announcing the Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority, the first greek letter organization that caters specifically to the needs of bisexual women as well as an lgbt based organization that advocates and strives to be a voice for bisexual women while helping them to facilitate and develop a cohesive network of bisexual and bi-friendly communities; promoting bisexual visibility; and educating all communities on sexual orientation and gender identity with an emphasis on the bisexual communities.

Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority was founded to unite as one body of women who seek to become stronger, who are educated, and who accept their sexuality as one more equally valid expression in this complex world of sexuality.

“Creating a sisterhood that accepted women no matter the complexity of their sexual orientation. Being members of the LGBT community [we] wanted to break down the walls of discrimination” ~ Founder L.King

Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority is a greek letter organization that seeks to provide educational programs, support, networking opportunities, and services for the well being of the bisexual woman throughout the varies communities of the United States.
Alpha Zeta Gamma Sorority believes sexuality in its simplest form offers you the opportunity to move beyond stereotypes and accept your sexuality for what it really is: one more equally valid expression of this complex world of human sexuality.

AZG is ready to open its arms and hearts to Bisexual Women who have been seeking to create a bond with other women like themselves.

For information on the organization, please contact alphazetagammasororityinc@gmail.com, or visit us at http://www.alphazetagamma.yolasite.com/."