Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Out of the Darkness Washington, D.C. Community Walk, September 28

The Out of the Darkness Washington, D.C. Community Walk will take place on September 28
   Suicide and Mental illness affect many Americans. Suicide claims over 38,000 lives each year, with someone dying by suicide every 13.7 minutes. Research shows that more than 90 percent of those who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder that can be treated.
AFSP is dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education, and advocacy.

With our Community Walks, we are working to raise awareness about depression, and lower stigma around mental, neurological, and substance-abuse (MNS) disorders.

The walks also provide comfort and assistance to those who have lost someone to suicide, and present an opportunity to honor loved ones lost to suicide by walking for them.

This year’s Walk will take place on September 28, beginning and ending at Constitution Gardens in downtown Washington, D.C.. It will lead walkers past D.C.’s major memorials at sunset. Please find further details on our activities and agenda in the flyer at http://afsp.donordrive.com/assets/AFSP/files/$cms$/104/2577.pdf .
  We ask for your help with raising awareness in an effort to prevent suicide!
  Suicide is preventable and we need your help to shine a bright light on this issue and bring suicide Out of the Darkness! There are numerous ways you can contribute to this year’s Walk and help make it a great success:

  • Spread the wordSuicide is a national health problem that takes an enormous toll on family, friends, peers, coworkers and the entire community. Please help us inform others about our walk in any or all of the following ways:
          - Distribute this information among your own networks or mailing lists.
          - Forward the flyers at http://afsp.donordrive.com/assets/AFSP/files/$cms$/104/2577.pdf to your staff and co-workers.
          - Distribute the Out of the Darkness Walk flyer throughout your local community (http://afsp.donordrive.com/assets/AFSP/files/$cms$/104/2577.pdf ).
          - Post this information on your organization’s website and/or social media platforms.

To register for this year’s Out of the Darkness Walk or for more information, please visit: http://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=2206