Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bisexual Bloggers Ready To Write For Bi Pride Day 2013

The Bisexual Pride Flag

Interested in having a bisexual blogger appear in your publication or website for #BiPrideDay 2013? Below are some names of the brightest and best bisexual writers our community has to offer!

AJ Walkley
Huffington Post and writer, novelist

Robyn Ochs
Author, Lecturer, Esteemed Expert on Gender and Sexuality

Aud Traher
Bisexual Trans Blogger

Dr. Herukhuti
Sociologist/Anthropologist and Sacred Sexuality Expert

Robin Renee

Seen above speaking at the 2013 Bisexuality: Identity and Experience event presented by The Trevor Project.

Sarah Stumpf
Bisexual Books Reviewer and Writer

Denarii Monroe
Pace University Blogger / Queer Person of Color Community Leader

Lauren Beach
Bisexual Organizing Project Secretary/Former BECAUSE Conference Co-Chair/HIV Researcher

Jen Yockney
Editor of BiCommunityNews magazine and co-author of The Open University Bisexuality Report

Lisa Jacobs
Transcending Boundaries Conference founder / blogger

Lindasusan Ulrich
Author of the Bi Invisibility Report

Patrick RichardsFink
Fliponymous Blogger and Huffington Post writer

Kevin Steele
Bisexual Blogger/Writer

Halina Reed
Bisexual identified LGBTQ+ (& conservative Libertarian) Arizona political activist

Peter Ruggiero
Bisexual educator/writer

Meredith Lively
Bisexual Blogger

Tiffany Sostar
Genderqueer, bisexual, poly, kinky, pleasure-positive feminist academic and activist.

Joe Baldwin
Bisexual Blogger