Friday, January 24, 2014

Action Alert: Call National Journal On Bi Erasure

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Today BiNet USA received advanced notice of the new National Journal Special Issue: Gay Washington.  With Krysten Sinema, the first openly bisexual congressperson front and center (and looking super stylish as usual).  Let's be clear: ERASING BISEXUALS is BAD, being INCLUSIVE is GOOD. Use LGBT when bisexuals are present, and don't use LGBT interchangeably with GAY. 

Please help us pass on this message to the National Journal by calling, emailing and tweeting OUR DISTINCT DISPLEASURE.  As we understand it National Journal is confused why there's a problem using "gay" as shorthand for LGBT since they "mention she's bisexual and discuss her bisexuality" let's help them understand why this is a problem!

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What we got in our email this morning...
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"This town has always been a (sometimes ambivalent) home for ambitious, closeted gay men and women. But now, ballot measures, state legislatures, and federal judges are advancing LGBT rights by the day; more openly gay members join Congress every cycle; the issues they and their allies champion occupy pride of place on the political agenda; and even Washington culture has  become entirely habituated. ... Our correspondents see these changes on their beats every day. In this first such special issue—yet another first—we've begun to record the transformation in a systematic way. This is what the new world looks like."
-- Adam B. Kushner, Executive Editor, National Journal Magazine

In The Magazine:

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My Evolution on Gay Rights
I was a bit clueless at first. But living and working among members of the lgbt community helped me, like others, understand, says Political Analyst Charlie Cook.
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Exporting the Fight Against Gay Marriage
Political Correspondent Alex Seitz-Wald reports that Evangelical advocates, having failed in the U.S., are finding friendlier audiences all over the world. 
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For Gay Marriage, 'The NRA Is the Model'
A Q&A with Barney Frank on coming out, working the system, fighting for AIDS research money, and secretly dancing with his partner at the White House Christmas Party. A Q&A with Executive Editor Adam B. Kushner.
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This Olympian Will Take the Gay-Rights Fight to Sochi
Hockey player Caitlin Cahow's unexpected journey into advocacy parallels America's larger embrace of the issue. Writer-at-Large Marin Cogan reports.
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Why Reagan's GOP Would Welcome Gay People
The Republican Party, too, is a home for LGBT Americans, argues Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo.
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What It's Like to Be Gay in Government Service
How the experience has changed over the past half-century. Contributing Correspondents James Kirchick and Timothy Naftali report.
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