Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bisexual #creatingchange 2014 Sessions

Bisexual #creatingchange 2014 Sessions

Ministry with Bisexuals: Honoring the “B” in LGBTQ
Session 1 • All Audiences

BPFQ / Non-Monosexual Caucus
Caucus 2 • All Audiences

Bi the White House:
Brainstorming the Future of Bi Advocacy
Session 3 • Advanced

Beyond Binaries:
Identity, Sexuality and Movement Building
Session 7 • All Audiences

Special shout out to BiNet USA Board Member, Stacey Langley who's organized an LGBT Women panel at this year's conference!
Building A Bridge Over The Rainbow:
LGBTQ Women Creating Community
Gender and Identity
Session 9 • All Audiences

Participate in the Bi Institute Thursday using #BiCC14 and keep up with folks at the conference by using #creatingchange on Twitter!