Monday, January 13, 2014

New Bi Support Group in Indiana!

BiComm Bloomington is a bisexual support group that meets on the second Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at La Casa, IU’s Latino Cultural Center, located at 715 E 7th Street, in Bloomington, IN. Join us for discussion of topics related to bisexuality such as coming out, confronting bi-phobia, stereotypes and discrimination, and bi-specific health concerns.

The group is open to all bi/pan/queer/curious and bi-trans community members & allies of any gender over the age of 18 who are willing to respect the confidential nature of the group discussions.

BiComm Bloomington uses bisexual (or BI for bi-inclusive) as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender. It includes people who identify as bisexual, bi-curious, pansexual, bent, fluid, flexible, omnisexual, ambisexual, queer, unlabeled and more.

If your primary interest in joining our group is to meet people specifically for dating or sex, please pursue other avenues INSTEAD of joining BiComm Bloomington. These include,, and more…

Group facilitator Vanessa Cantrell is a former IU student and currently works at the IU Art Museum. She enjoys making functional and beautiful objects, riding her bike and knitting. Contact her at for more information about BiComm Bloomington. To visit the private BiComm Bloomington Facebook Group, please click here.