Thursday, March 27, 2014 says "Bi Matters", BiNet USA applauds

When I initially met my best friend, she identified as specifically queer and avoided the dreaded “bisexual” term like a cat avoids water. It wasn’t until recently that she confidently accepts bisexuality as a part of her identity. Why, you ask? Because bi-haters. The worst part is, I didn’t realize, for the longest time, my own prejudice against bisexuality was no better than the bi-haters I’d actively accused.
In mainstream consciousness, the queer community is seen as a close-knit bunch. However, like any other social group, we have our own inequality issues. With the growing trans* visibility in our media, we are (very) slowly growing in support and inclusion of transgender people within our community. But sadly, with all the progression we’ve seen with trans* issues, I find we (the queer community) are equally as stagnant, or even weakening, in the understanding of bisexual people. Seeing that the bisexuality spectrum represents the majority of the LGBT community, it’s time we respect that fact.

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Special Note from Faith: I identify as a black woman and am proud to be presenting a workshop at the #blaQueOUT conference at UC Riverside April 18-19th. If you identify as a person of African descent and are part of the LGBTQ community, please consider attending!