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BiNet Prez to speak at "Biconic Flashpoints: 4 Decades of Bay Area Bisexual Politics" Opening

In San Francisco's 1984 Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade, BiPOL cofounder Lani Ka'ahumanu wields her "Bi-Phobia Shield" as she marches with her contingent (l-r): Founding BiPOL organizer Bill Mack, Lynne Frawley, Ka'ahumanu, unknown (Photographer: Arlene Krantz)
Drawing on materials from the personal archives of longtime bisexual activists as well as the holdings of the GLBT Historical Society’s archives, the Biconic Flashpoints exhibit will showcase never-displayed artifacts, video, and photos from key moments in the Bay Area’s bisexual political history.

Featured in Biconic Flashpoints: 4 Decades of Bay Area Bisexual Politics, opening May 29 at The GLBT History Museum: END MONOSEXISM" chalk graffiti at the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. (Photo Credit: Matt LaGrande)

The show is part of an ongoing series in The GLBT History Museum's Community Gallery that partner community curators with exhibitions professionals to create new perspectives on Bay Area queer history.

The curators include:

Lani Ka'ahumanu, a BiPOL founding organizer, co-editor of Bi Any Other Name, activist, poet, educator, performer and visionary grandmother.

Emily Drennen, an outspoken bisexual and sustainable transportation advocate who loves spending time with her wife, Lindasusan, and their foster-adopt son.

Martin Rawlings-Fein, a published author, bisexual and trans* activist, filmmaker, and Jewish educator studying to become a rabbi.

Lindasusan Ulrich is a writer, musician, activist, and future Unitarian Universalist minister dedicated to a vision of radical welcome.

For the opening, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham will be coming to San Francisco to say a few short words in honor of the work the curators have done and this historic exhibition.

The GLBT History Museum
4127 18th St., San Francisco, California 94114

Since the 1970s, the San Francisco Bay Area’s bisexual activism has been grounded in the politics of visibility, accountability, and vitality. A playful spirit has mixed with a seriousness of purpose at key moments across four decades, fueling today’s dynamic global bisexual movement.
The GLBT History Museum
4127 18th St., San Francisco, California 94114

Instinct Magazine Covers Bi Men Excellently

On the tennis and volleyball courts, Dennis Slade Jr. blends in. Most of the players in his LGBT sports leagues are gay men, and they usually assume that Slade and his male fiancé share that identity
In the case of Slade’s fiancé, the assumption is correct. Slade, though, is bisexual.
On the rare occasion that sexual identity comes up in conversation, Slade feels like it’s his responsibility to speak up. He’s often the only openly bi person present, and he wants to respond to misconceptions that people have about bisexuals—such as the perennial notion that bisexuals don’t exist. People with that view will even tell Slade, “You’re not really bi.”
“Do you want me to prove it?” Slade will often ask. “I don’t know why I’m having that conversation with you. You have to accept my word for how I feel and who I am inside.”
- Read the rest at Instinct Magazine,

Great work, Instinct Magazine! Excellent writing, Stevie St. John! 

In this article, bisexual thought leader, Peter Ruggiero, says it best, “We need to find a way to understand that we are all rowing the same boat together here".



Burlesque and drag performer Fox Smoulder performs at the cabaret event during last year's BECAUSE conference. Photo Credit:
In less than 10 days bi, pan, fluid, queer, and unlabeled individuals, along with their allies, will gather in Minneapolis for BECAUSE 2014: A Community Gathering

Keynote speakers, author Mary Anne Mohanraj and community leader ABilly Jones-Hennin, will inspire you; over 25 workshops will educate you; and Saturday night guest performer Mark Bentley Cohen will entertain you with his one-man show Bi, Hung, Fit and MarriedOr maybe the show will educate you, the workshops will inspire you and the keynotes will entertain you. With so much going on, it’s hard to tell!

Don’t be late: Friday kicks off with a new comer’s reception from 6 – 7PM!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Anniversary Robyn and Peg, 10 Years Ago You Changed The World

Happy Anniversary Robyn and Peg! 

In this May 7, 2014 photo, Peg Preble, left, and her wife Robyn Ochs sit in the backyard of their home in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Preble and Ochs were the first same-sex couple to be married in Brookline, Mass., May 17, 2004. Photo: AP
"What's really interesting here in Massachusetts is that it has really become no big deal," says Robyn Ochs, who married Peg Preble the day same-sex marriage became legal. "When we were fighting to protect marriage equality in Massachusetts, there were all these predictions of doom and destruction, and terrible things would happen. You know, when we got married on May 17, 2004, on May 18, the buses still ran, children still had to go to school and the grocery stores still had food on the shelves."
Preble chimes in: "The sky didn't fall." - Read the rest at
For those who don't know Robyn Ochs is one of the most respected bisexual authors and educators alive today. Her definition of bisexual is one of the most commonly used for the bi community, and that's saying something!

Robyn's new website can be found at and she and Dr. Herukhuti have a new  anthology on bisexual men publishing this year. Follow @RobynOchs on Twitter too!

Guest Blog: Why Kyle Schickner supports Crystal Bowersox (and thinks you should too)

Bisexual Activist + Filmmaker Kyle Schickner
As anyone who has spent 5 minutes in my company knows, I am the first (and most annoying?) person to rail on and on about supporting Bisexual artists in order to create a Bi Culture that has been missing for the past two decades, so the whole Crystal Bowersox/Michfest dustup is adding some shades of grey to my black & white stance about sticking by Bis.  

On the one hand I actually think it's kind of a big deal for the festival to be embracing such an out and vocal woman who identifies as Bi and not a lesbian, so the progress there is encouraging. 

That being said, I cannot agree with Crystal's decision to still play. 

This is the perfect chance for a stance to be made not only for Trans Folk, but also for Bisexual Women. There is an easy connection to be made regarding the historical open hostility towards Bi women at this festival in the past to what is going on now with the festival banning Trans women (and make no mistake, it's a "ban" despite the festival organizers claiming they are simply "requesting that they not attend").  

It would have been amazing for Crystal to take a stand saying that "just because the festival has "seen the light" when it comes to Bi Woman and excepting her, they obviously still have a long way to go in terms of evolving and she would be uncomfortable performing at a Festival that is openly Transphobic. One day when they allow ALL women to attended she'd love to perform". But she didn't.

My Own Private Michigan HELL by Alison Bechdel 1993

On the other hand, this is a young woman who wasn't even born when the seeds of the Bi Movement were being sown by Lani [Ka'ahumanu], Loraine [Hutchins] and the rest, so to expect her to know the history of our movement and it's checkered past with this festival might be expecting a bit much from her.  We cannot expect every Bisexual person to be all things for all of us.  It's not realistic nor fair.  

However, what we can hope for are more people like Ms. Bowersox to be brave and outspoken and proud about being bisexual in a monosexual world. Let us not forget that she will be stepping up on that stage and there will no doubt be hundreds of closed minded women in the audience who will be openly hostile to someone who wears her Bisexuality so proudly. Crystal  being there does move our movement forward.  
Bisexual singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox

So yeah, would I have liked her to have taken more of a stand?  Sure. Will I stop supporting her and not buy her music?  Never!

There are not enough of us out and proud in the spotlight and if we want more folks to come out as Bi we have to show them all that there is a safe, loving, supportive community waiting to embrace them with open arms and wallets.

Crystal Bowersox is brave and handling her coming out wonderfully so let's show her some love.  Hell, maybe I'll dress in drag and crash the festival with a "Bowersox this year! Janet Mock next year!"  Who's with me?

Kyle Schickner is an American film producer, writer, director, actor and a bisexual rights activist. He is the founder of FenceSitter Films, a Production company devoted to entertainment for women, and sexual and ethnic minorities. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where he directs films, music videos, a web series and commercials for his production company FenceSitterFilms.

he first episode of Rose By Any Other Name, a webseries from the mind of  Kyle Schickner is below.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bisexual Rape Survivor in Ohio Will Not Be Silenced

A Fremont rape victim says Sandusky County and Fremont officials wronged her not only by failing to prosecute her attacker, but also by being crass and asking callous questions when she reported the alleged crime. Christina Fegley, 38is the latest person to add a voice to growing criticism aimed at the law enforcement and legal systems in Sandusky County..."He hurt me," Fegley said. "They made it sound like if I wasn't drinking, if I wasn't bisexual, if I wasn't dressed that way I wouldn't've gotten raped. Like it was my fault."- Read more here.
Christina Fegley, with #AnonNews protestor at the Sandusky County courthouse, May 15, 2014. /Register photo Melissa Topey
Just recently the Federal government launched, to provide "information for students, schools, and anyone interested in finding resources on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault on college and university campuses and in our schools". For many bi women, rape and sexual assault still happen after adolescence. In fact, according to the website,
"46% of bisexual women have been raped, compared to 13% of lesbians and 17% of heterosexual women. ii Another study found that more than 25% of transgender individuals had been sexually assaulted after the age of 13."
You can support Christina by signing the petition she supports, "Stand Up for Justice and Accountability in Sandusky County Campaign":
We stand with Christina!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BiNet USA Meets Milla, Michelle, Evan and Margaret

On Saturday May 10th, 2014, BiNet USA was pleased to attend the LA Gay and Lesbian Center fundraiser, "An Evening with Women" (#AEWW). BiNet USA had previously provided a bi community issues presentation to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center Board of Directors and were pleased to see many of the celebrity attendees at the fundraiser proudly proclaming their "B" status!

BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham attended #AEWW with her friend LA Bi Task Force chair Tara Avery. Faith and Tara are thankful for the great conversations they had with everyone that night, not to mention the *very* good time they had meeting Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Evan Rachel Wood, and Margaret Cho.
BiNet USA Prez Faith Cheltenham with Milla Jovovich and LA Bi Task Force Tara Avery. Tara would like to note that her hand is on Faith's shoulder.
Faith and Tara with Michelle Rodriguez, proud to be B in LGBT!

Who says bi girls can't have fun doing bi activism? Faith dancing to Rumer Willis DJ'ing
Faith passes Sara Gilbert the BiNet USA card, photo credit: PopCandies TV
All the performers were really wonderful with Evan Rachel Wood performing soon to be bisexual classic covers, "Queer" by Garbage and "High and Dry" by Radiohead. Milla Jovovich killed us with her Patti Smith cover of "Dancing Barefoot" and Rumer Willis took us right on to heaven with her rendition of "You Don't Own Me". We've compiled some of our favorite moments from the night as a Youtube playlist, ENJOY!

Special thanks to J.K. for the help with the tickets!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Congregations Stronger with LGBTQ Christians

The Presbyterian Mission Agency reported that congregations are becoming stronger due to LGBTQ Christian congregants.

"Being Christian and being queer are parts of my being—to keep one part of myself out of the church is to limit who I am when I serve God, and I don’t want to live that way. Rachel Jacobson, a young adult at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh who identifies as bi and queer, believes that her orientation has deepened her faith journey."
"'One thing I strongly do not identify as is 'a Christian who just happens to be bisexual'—not just because it’s minimizing but also because my faith has been radically transformed by being queer, and for the better,' Jacobson says. 'I don’t want my differences downplayed for ‘we are all one in Christ.’ My queerness is not incidental.'" 

Read the whole story by clicking HERE.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Slideshow: Bisexual Icon Brenda Howard, Mother of Pride and NYC Pride Co-Founder