Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bisexual Rape Survivor in Ohio Will Not Be Silenced

A Fremont rape victim says Sandusky County and Fremont officials wronged her not only by failing to prosecute her attacker, but also by being crass and asking callous questions when she reported the alleged crime. Christina Fegley, 38is the latest person to add a voice to growing criticism aimed at the law enforcement and legal systems in Sandusky County..."He hurt me," Fegley said. "They made it sound like if I wasn't drinking, if I wasn't bisexual, if I wasn't dressed that way I wouldn't've gotten raped. Like it was my fault."- Read more here.
Christina Fegley, with #AnonNews protestor at the Sandusky County courthouse, May 15, 2014. /Register photo Melissa Topey
Just recently the Federal government launched, to provide "information for students, schools, and anyone interested in finding resources on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault on college and university campuses and in our schools". For many bi women, rape and sexual assault still happen after adolescence. In fact, according to the website,
"46% of bisexual women have been raped, compared to 13% of lesbians and 17% of heterosexual women. ii Another study found that more than 25% of transgender individuals had been sexually assaulted after the age of 13."
You can support Christina by signing the petition she supports, "Stand Up for Justice and Accountability in Sandusky County Campaign":
We stand with Christina!