Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Anniversary Robyn and Peg, 10 Years Ago You Changed The World

Happy Anniversary Robyn and Peg! 

In this May 7, 2014 photo, Peg Preble, left, and her wife Robyn Ochs sit in the backyard of their home in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Preble and Ochs were the first same-sex couple to be married in Brookline, Mass., May 17, 2004. Photo: AP
"What's really interesting here in Massachusetts is that it has really become no big deal," says Robyn Ochs, who married Peg Preble the day same-sex marriage became legal. "When we were fighting to protect marriage equality in Massachusetts, there were all these predictions of doom and destruction, and terrible things would happen. You know, when we got married on May 17, 2004, on May 18, the buses still ran, children still had to go to school and the grocery stores still had food on the shelves."
Preble chimes in: "The sky didn't fall." - Read the rest at
For those who don't know Robyn Ochs is one of the most respected bisexual authors and educators alive today. Her definition of bisexual is one of the most commonly used for the bi community, and that's saying something!

Robyn's new website can be found at and she and Dr. Herukhuti have a new  anthology on bisexual men publishing this year. Follow @RobynOchs on Twitter too!