Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Instinct Magazine Covers Bi Men Excellently

On the tennis and volleyball courts, Dennis Slade Jr. blends in. Most of the players in his LGBT sports leagues are gay men, and they usually assume that Slade and his male fiancé share that identity
In the case of Slade’s fiancĂ©, the assumption is correct. Slade, though, is bisexual.
On the rare occasion that sexual identity comes up in conversation, Slade feels like it’s his responsibility to speak up. He’s often the only openly bi person present, and he wants to respond to misconceptions that people have about bisexuals—such as the perennial notion that bisexuals don’t exist. People with that view will even tell Slade, “You’re not really bi.”
“Do you want me to prove it?” Slade will often ask. “I don’t know why I’m having that conversation with you. You have to accept my word for how I feel and who I am inside.”
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Great work, Instinct Magazine! Excellent writing, Stevie St. John! 

In this article, bisexual thought leader, Peter Ruggiero, says it best, “We need to find a way to understand that we are all rowing the same boat together here".