Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Biphobia Watch: Alec Mapa Bi Joke Bombs

Say it ain't so! Not you too, Alec!

@AlecMapa Twitter Account, June 4th, 2014 5:17 PM
Time to re-visit Wendy Bostwick's BiNet USA guest blog post on Bisexual Microaggressions:
Seven (7) bisexual-specific microaggressions that emerged from our focus groups. Including those mentioned above, which we termed hostility, denial/dismissal, and unintelligibility, we also identified microaggressions related to hypersexuality, dating exclusion, pressure to change, and LGBT legitimacy. Probably the most common microaggression had to do with the women’s place within the larger “LGBT” community. A number of women talked about how they felt a requirement to prove they were “gay enough” to legitimately be a member of a community that, at least in name, included them. Others told of how even at events that were labeled as LGBT, there were unwelcoming, or even hostile comments about bisexuality. 
So which "Bisexual Microaggression" fits best? Hostility? Denial/Dismissal? Pressure to change? Or is it possible this is a bisexual affirming joke to Alec Mapa? You know, the kind of joke we should be happy about because the word bisexual is mentioned at all?

The gluten free bisexuals are really gonna be pissed, as they should be . . .

*Apologies that we originally misspelled Alec Mapa, he's an Alec not an Alex.*