Wednesday, June 04, 2014

More Speeches and Footage from Biconic Flashpoints

In this video:
  • Don Romesburg, GLBT History Museum curator
  • Lani Ka'ahumanu, a BiPOL founding organizer, co-editor of Bi Any Other Name, activist, poet, educator, performer and visionary grandmother.
  • Emily Drennen, an outspoken bisexual and sustainable transportation advocate who loves spending time with her wife, Lindasusan, and their foster-adopt son.
  • Lindasusan Ulrich is a writer, musician, activist, and future Unitarian Universalist minister dedicated to a vision of radical welcome.
  • Martin Rawlings-Fein, a published author, bisexual and trans* activist, filmmaker, and Jewish educator studying to become a rabbi.
  • BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham

 *Footage courtesy of Faith Cheltenham, editing and compilation courtesy of Lynnette McFadzen, The BiCast