Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bijacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting #LGBTMedia15

THIS SATURDAY the LGBT Media Convening will have a bisexual panel for its attendees!

Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President will moderate "Bijacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting" featuring Ellyn Ruthstrom, Eliel Cruz and Kyle Schickner.

Eliel Cruz

Ellyn Ruthstrom
Kyle Schickner

Last year bi icon Robyn Ochs made a stellar appearance and this year she'll join a great group of bi+ advocates attending or speaking at the event. Other bisexual community panelists at #LGBTMedia15 include Diane Anderson-Minshall, editor in chief of HIV Plus and editor at large for Advocate, Dr. Scout from the LGBT Healthlink and more. Strong bi ally Spectra will also be in attendance! editor Trish Bendix has compiled a Twitter list of this years attendees, panelists and participants. Please follow everyone you can!

This Saturday is also Faith's birthday so feel free to join her in a virtual birthday party of sorts!

Use #bijacked along with #LGBTMedia15 on Twitter to keep up with bisexual content at this year's convening! 

While we're at it, let's re-claim the term "bijacked"! 

Visit Urban Dictionary to down vote the current biphobic definition and suggest your own! For tips on avoiding biphobia in media, please download the BiNet USA Media Guide.

Check out the #LGBTMedia15 tweets so far!