Monday, March 30, 2015

BiNet USA + Our Tomorrow

[Photo/Caption: Logo image of Our Tomorrow bright sun logo on top of BiNet USA logo]

Hey folks, awhile back BiNet USA applied to be an anchor partner in Our Tomorrow, an important outreach campaign to assess how the LGBTQ community feels about its own future. I'm pleased to announce that BiNet USA received a mini-grant to participate in events to engage bisexual community in participating in the campaign.

BiNet USA will use the funds to engage bisexual community in events around the country and even do a small amount of mini-grants of our own (think $100-300 to engage with the bisexual community in your area).

BiNet USA's first stop to collect respondents will be at this year's BECAUSE conference! 
[Photo/Caption: BECAUSE logo image]
BiNet USA board members Faith Cheltenham, Aud Traher and Lynnette McFadzen will join BiNet USA volunteers Dr. Herukhuti (Center for Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality) and Heather Benjamin (Bisexual Resource Center) on the ground at BECAUSE in Minneapolis April 17th-19th. 

BiNet USA was immensely pleased to make a small mini-grant to the Bisexual Organizing Project to host BECAUSE's Friday night reception, Bi+ OurTomorrow where BiNet USA will be collecting survey responses. 

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To entice BECAUSE attendees to participate in the anonymous survey, BiNet USA will be hosting a drawing for 1 iPad Mini to be given away during the BECAUSE conference. In order to participate in the drawing you will have to be present at BECAUSE!
BiNet USA's in pretty good shape with the project already with receptions/events being planned in Minneapolis, Boston, New York, SF/Bay Area, and Los Angeles. That said, if you know of an event BiNetUSA + Our Tomorrow might collect bi/pan/fluid/queer responses from between April 20th and July 1st please let us know in the comments. 

[Photo/Caption: Image that says Stay safe bisexuals and stay awesome, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President]