Wednesday, March 04, 2015

By The Bi-The Blazing Change Players Ignite The Stage

By The Bi-The Blazing Change Players Ignite The Stage
Submitted By Morgan Barbour

 Within the past year, there has been much talk of both the struggles and several long over due victories within the LGBT community. Yet there is one facet of that struggle that is often overlooked: the bisexual struggle. There are thousands of bisexual young adults who face isolation and prejudice from both the heterosexual and LGBT communities, and so far it is a story that has gone, for the most part, largely untold. It is time for that silence to end, and the end of that silence begins with the Blazing Change Players.

Blazing Change Players was founded by By the Bi Director, Caroline Downs, and Choreographer, Morgan Barbour, in response to the lack of bisexual representation in the media. We are a non-profit educational theatre company with a mission to create original, challenging, and dynamic dramatic works, which function as a platform for  open dialogue about issues of social inequality within modern society.

By the Bi is the principle piece of Blazing Change Players, which will be premiering in Richmond March 22 at The Shop, and is then scheduled to open internationally in Dublin, Ireland at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, which is the largest gay theatre festival in the world. Told through a series of seventeen vignettes utilizing a mixture of dance, music, and spoken word, By the Bi is an original script that addresses how society's views and isolation of any sort of bisexual culture contributes to perpetuating harmful bisexual stereotypes of greediness, promiscuity and confusion.  It also brings to light the alarmingly high statistic rates of suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape that too often become a reality for many bisexual young adults due to society's perception of their sexuality.

 When a young person is constantly told that their reality is cheap or invalid, it causes a lot of inner turmoil and conflict, and in most cases a lot of self hatred has to be dealt with. No one wants to embrace a part of themselves that makes them a social outcast, and it's hard when that is such a big part of who you are. It is time we stand up and make the statement that these parts of ourselves are not only ok, they are beautiful because they make us who we are. So we are working to expose not only the hurtful stereotypes and statistics that society's view point of bisexuals causes, but we are working to give the public an inside look at the personal and often painful journey that bisexual young adults must take to find their place in and their peace within society.  It gives a voice to a voiceless community and sheds light on issues of not only bisexual inequality, but of human inequality.

We would like to invite everyone to join us in being an instrument for positive change. For more information or to keep up with our journey, visit our website at:

You can also support us on both our Facebook and IndieGogo pages:

Our project is one that we are confident has the potential to change the world for the better, and we would be honored to have anyone our message reaches stand with us as beacon of hope for a voiceless community. Help us shatter our silence.

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