Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BiNet USA #giveout Wish List 2015

An entirely volunteer run organization, BiNet USA depends on your donations to keep hope alive.


Photo of President Obama and BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham

BiNet USA Board Member Wish List for #giveout

 BiNet USA treasurer and co-founder, Gary North, pictured above with amBi Los Angeles and LA Bi Task Force co-founder Dr. Mimi Hoang.

Gary's #giveout Wish List item: 
Shared office and conference room space for BiNet USA board members to use at over 3,000 DaVinci Virtual locations.

($4,773 dollars/year).

Lynnette's #giveout Wish List item: 
Help Lynnette McFadzen and The BiCast attend a New Organizing Institute training so she can keep working for bisexual empowerment as a disabled retiree. She could also use a new computer! 

($800 for travel and training costs + $800 for a new computer and accessibility friendly monitor).

Dani's #giveout Wish List item
 One of BiNet USA’s newest board members, Dani Siragusa is the Development Events Manager for the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Dani is working with BiNet USA, National Center for Lesbian Rights and The National LGBTQ Task Force to create space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer women to help shape an LGBT movement that truly reflects them. Help Dani attend next year’s Creating Change in Chicago so she can help kick off long lasting change for LGBTQ women. 

($800 for travel and hotel as well as printed resources to provide attendees)


BiNet USA board member Morgan Goode (far right) with BiNet USA co-founder and Bi Women Quarterly editor Robyn Ochs and her wife Peg Preble.
Morgan's #giveout Wish List item: Morgan recently recovered from knee surgery and has a heart for intersectional approaches to social justice. Help Morgan and other BiNet USA members create some online materials for disabled bi, pan, fluid and queer community members.

($800 for design and 100 copies to be mailed to disability and LGBT organizations)


BiNet USA Board member Peter Ruggiero pictured in middle with bisexual writers and editors Sheela Lambert (left) and Ron Suresha (right). Peter is a Senior Lecturer at Boston University and also volunteers as Social Media Coordinator for
Peter's #giveout Wish List item: Help Peter and other BiNet USA volunteers like Estraven create the first ever Bisexual Lifeline to help bi+ community members survive suicidality, sexual assault, domestic violence and poor health. We’ll use the same technology Trans Lifeline uses to provide low-cost support to bi+ people everywhere.

($4,800/year for 3 phone numbers serving 3 different time zones, with each providing 1 hour of support per day)


A longtime BiNet USA Board member, Luigi Ferrer remains engaged on many fronts as a Latino, bilingual, bisexual HIV+ male and currently serves as the Program Director for Pridelines Youth Services.
Luigi's #giveout Wish List item: Luigi continues to support the South Florida Bisexual, Queer and Non-Monosexual Community and would love to launch Bisexual Awareness Week activities in South Florida. Donate today to help make it happen!

($500 for food, entertainment, publicity and event space in South Florida for an event to be held during September’s Bisexual Awareness Week)


Bi+ Trans + Agender BiNet USA Board member Aud Traher had a great time attending the BECAUSE conference and is thrilled to have finished a book proposal for the book they’re currently writing, “Saying the B Word”, a coming out book for millennials.
Aud's #GiveOut Wish List: Books take time to write and the need for a resource like “Saying the B Word” is immediate. That is why BiNet USA wants to print a 20 page brochure that covers these topics. This brochure would be available online and in print for health offices, LGBT resource centers and more.

($2,500 for 500 copies of Aud’s 20 page brochure with tips for coming out as a bi+ millennial)