Thursday, May 21, 2015

Saying The B Word: A guide to coming out bi in the 21st century #giveout

Photo Caption/Credit: Image of B inside of heart, by Coloringbuddymike
By Aud Traher, BiNet USA Board Member

When I came out as bisexual 6+ years ago I dutifully paid a visit to my university's LGBTA center, a tiny room, ironically more of a closet then a real center, to borrow a book that would help me navigate coming out. They didn't have a book for Bi people, or any books,pamphlets or posters about bisexuality. The school library was no help either. So now after years of bisexual community activism and reading the books that came before it I'm working on my own book. "Saying The B Word: Coming out as Bi in the 21st century" a guide for people of the millennial generation, that touches on topics such as social media, online dating and cyber bullying.

Polling and statistics have shown that those who are on the Bi+ spectrum (Bisexual,Pansexual, Fluid,Queer,) actually make up the majority of the larger queer/lgbtq community. But bisexuals still are seen as non-existent, fickle and are not afforded the same resource's as their lesbian and gay (monosexual) conterparts.

While books on how to come out as lesbian or gay have enjoyed much popularity and support in recent years, these books barely touch on issues faced by bisexual people, if they are mentioned at all. Issues like “label wars”, finding bi community, romantic orientation, consent and resources and responses to biphobia, especially institutional biphobia are desperately needed.

Books take time to write and the need for a resource like this is immediate. That is why BiNet wants to print a 20 page brochure that covers these topics. This brochure would be available online and in print for health offices, lgbt resource centers and more.

To print 500 of them a total of 2,500 dollars needs to be raised. On this #giveout day I hope that you choose to donate to this and help further this important work.