Saturday, June 27, 2015

First NYC Pride Bisexual Grand Marshal Speaks At Rally, Share Your Reaction

J. Christopher Neal, founder of FluidBiDesign, a group for bisexual and fluid men of color in NYC, speaks at the NYC Pride Rally on 06/26/15.

Neal is the first ever Grand Marshal for NYC Pride to be openly and proudly bisexual. He's also the first Black bi fluid man to serve as NYC Pride Grand Marshal. Standing behind Neal holding the bisexual pride flag is Larry Nelson of the New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN). Nelson is the surviving widow of NYC Pride co-founder and bisexual icon Brenda Howard. Video Credit: Apphia Kumar for

Many of us have been waiting a very long time to see bisexuals recognized at NYC Pride. BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham listened to Chris talk today and shot her own reaction video!

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06/26/15 was a historic day for many reasons:

*45th anniversary of NYC Pride, first organized by Brenda "Mother of Pride" Howard
*10th anniversary of Brenda Howard's death
*Marriage equality becomes law of the land protecting LGBT couples across the U.S
*J Christopher Neal is first ever bisexual grand marshal for NYC Pride and asks for a moment of silence for the 4 teens the bi+ community has lost to suicide in the past 3 months.
Don't forget to check out Chris speaking in the NYC Pride Grand Marshal Announcement (alongside Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellan).

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