Saturday, June 06, 2015

Open Letter to the family of Alyssa Morgan in Des Moines, IA

Dear family of Alyssa Morgan in Des Moines, IA,

Please accept the heartfelt condolences from our nonprofit BiNet USA and the bisexual community. BiNet USA is a 25 year old 501c3 non profit and I am it's president, Faith Cheltenham.

We are seeking to draw attention to Alyssa’s death from suicide and the need for more support for bisexual youth who report thinking of suicide much more often than their gay, lesbian and straight peers.

Today we have several blogs and news outlets working on stories related to this weekend's passing of Adam Kizer in Sonoma, CA. Adam was a bright, warm and funny teen who was bullied severely. Like Alyssa, he suffered until he could fight no more.

We wish to help take up the fight for Adam, for Alyssa, and the too many gone.

Please email me at to be connected with reporters and bloggers interested in interviewing you about Alyssa.

You may also be considering legal action due to the discrimination Alyssa may have experienced at the hands of her school district. BiNet USA has a close working relationship with several legal advocacy groups who may be interested in discussing your case with you. Please email me if we can connect you.

Lastly, we have worked with the White House on issues relating to the bisexual community in America. I want to suggest you write a letter about your daughter to President Obama who has been a staunch supporter of the B in LGBT. Tell him the whole story and ask for his help in making sure Alyssa's legacy means real support specifically targeting bisexual youth in America.

I would be proud to forward that letter to the White House and the administration officials that work to make school safer for everyone.

The B in LGBT is using the hashtags #MakeItToTomorrow and #biphobiakills in social media to draw attention to the mental health concerns of bi teens. Please consider joining us or visiting Twitter to see how Alyssa’s story is being shared in the hopes that more of us #MakeItToTomorrow.

Our Twitter is @BiNetUSA and we send our love thru the wires to you, your family and to dear Alyssa.  May she rest in peace and in power, knowing the grief of our people will be heard until there is not one more loss of life.

With deepest sympathy,
Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President
646-498-3216 (cell)

Thank you for sharing your story and allowing Alyssa's voice to be heard. She was a beautiful singer, and we were really moved by her cover of "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. May she be remembered as precious, talented and valued by her family, friends and community.

Am I good
Posted by Alyssa Mørgan on Sunday, May 25, 2014
(You were good Alyssa, you were so good!)