Saturday, June 06, 2015

The B is resilient, we can #makeittotomorrow

Been a tough couple of days out there in bi land, but our community is pulling together to hold each other tight. Bisexual community members are using the hashtags #adamkizer #makeittotomorrow #biphobiakills to educate people on the heartbreaking reality for many bisexual youth.

We have all been grateful to see how much coverage there's been of Adam's story, with great posts from Advocate, the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and The Independent among others.

Adam and sister from the family's GoFundMe

Earlier I spoke to Adam Kizer's father, William Kizer, and expressed our condolences as a community. We started a conversation about what accountability for Adam might look like. We both believe changes need to be made immediately so that kids like Adam aren't always failed by their school district, mental health providers, protective services, and justice system.

I also asked Mr. Kizer to write a letter to President Obama, from one father to another, in hopes of hearing what the White House can do to assist the community of Sonoma, CA in saving the lives of more of its bisexual youth.

Bi people report high levels of early childhood abuse and severe bullying, often higher than both their gay and straight peers. One of the best books about surviving abuse as a young bi person was written recently by Scottish bisexual actor, director and advocate Alan Cumming.

Photo Caption/Credit: Not My Father's Son book jacket.

Not My Father's Son, a recent Lambda Literary Award finalist, is filled with the extraordinary grace and compassion that often accompanies survivors when they choose to speak their truth. And it's ridiculously funny too.

Alan Cumming with BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham at 2015 Lambda Literary awards

Check out Mr. Cumming's book and other Lambda Literary award finalists here. New York Times columnist, Charles Blow, ended up winning the 2015 Lambda Literary Award for bisexual non-fiction for his book, Fire Shut Up In My Bones, but every finalist was truly outstanding.

As a community, I think we can all use some more laughter in our life. So I encourage everyone to check out Alan Cumming this weekend as he co-hosts the 69th Annual Tony Awards alongside the uber talented Kristin Chenoweth!

This Sunday, June 7th, 2015 @ 8/7 central on CBS!

Lots of love and well wishes,
Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President 

Mr. Cumming sends his love too! You too can #MakeItToTomorrow