Thursday, August 27, 2015

BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow - Washington DC Photo Blast

In May of 2015, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham traveled to D.C. to promote the BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow project and attend the LGBT Leaders of Color Summit at the White House. 

@ The Human Rights Campaign Equality Forum

BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow event at the Human Rights Campaign. The event celebrated bi+ people of color and featured a reading of Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Bi icon ABilly S. Jones-Hennin reading from Recognize 
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

The flyer for our event
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

@ The White House
Bi, pan, fluid and queer (bi+) attendees at the White House LGBTQ Leaders of Color Summit.
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Faith Cheltenham and Apphia Kumar give good #badbiphobia face 
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

The National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey takes a selfie with Faith Cheltenham after meeting privately to discuss the bisexual community.
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Major special thanks to Center Bi and Knox Inman for the invaluable support and co-sponsorship!

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And if you're a bi+ and a person of color, join us on #bipoc 

BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow - Phoenix Photo Blast

In July of 2015, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham and BiNet USA Secretary Lynnette McFadzen attended Netroots Nation and the LGBT Netroots Connect pre-conference. They also engaged local Arizona bisexual community members regarding the future of the LGBTQ community with the BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow project.

@ LGBT Netroots Connect - The LGBT pre-conference for Netroots Nation

LGBT Netroots Connect begins with a welcome from Michael Rogers

Name Tag Sticker Fun at LGBT Netroots Connect

Versatility at the Bi+ Table!

Faith Cheltenham and Greg Ward of Fluid Arizona

Part of an exercise to create a twitter campaign. Seeing nothing bisexual specific we added our own!

Our campaign ideas

@ Netroots Nation

Heron Greensmith of MAP prepares to moderate the #NN15 panel, "LGBTQ Ladies Doing It For Ourselves"

Our lovely Heron working hard for our community.

"LGBTQ Ladies Doing It For Ourselves" Panel Members

Our Thought Leaders

@QPOCNN15 - QPOC* Caucus attendees take a group photo with Latina transgender icon Jennicet Gutierrez. Jennicet. who identifies as pansexual, made history earlier this year and was met with cheers at  the #NN15 #QPOC caucus.

 Selfies with Greg Ward and Faith Cheltenham outside the Convention Center

We were privileged to witness the immigration demonstration

 Immigration Demonstration through The Convention Center
To learn more about the critical need for immigration reform, visit #Not1More

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder and pansexual-identified activist Patrisse Cullors, St. Louis #BlackLivesMatter activist, Ashley YatesHampton Institute's Eyad Alkurabi, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham, Equality Michigan Political Director Sommer Foster and editor Daniel Villarreal take a selfie.

Patrisse, Faith and Sommer - #BlackGirlMagic 

We are BI Happy!
Faith Cheltenham, Lynnette McFadzen and Heron Greensmith

Heron and Lynnette show off their Bi Pride Nails

@ BiNet USA + Our Tomorrow Event and Afterparties

Bi Pride at Our #OurTomorrow Survey Party co-hosted by Halina Brooke of AZBI and Greg Ward of Fluid Arizona

Bi-Visible inside the Monarch after party


Greg, Ron, Chastity and Lynnette

Long time BiNet AZ Organizer Luke Turco attended our BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow Party with his spouse.

 Waving Our Bisexual Pride at The Wrap Up Party.

And outside too! 

(Photos and Videos courtesy of Faith Cheltenham, Lynnette McFadzen and Greg Ward) 

BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow - Los Angeles Photo Blast

In June of 2015, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham was in Los Angeles to promote the BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow project and attend a reading of Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men at the University of Southern California (USC)
Ready to collect our bisexual+ community's thoughts and opinions on our future needs!
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Recognize contributors Dr Herukhuti, Seth Fischer and Robert ForbiddenLight Michael 
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Robert ForbiddenLight Michael 
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Seth Fischer
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Dr. Herukhuti, Seth Fischer and Robert ForbiddenLight Michael
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham
 Time for discussion and communing as books are signed.
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Dr. Herukhuti and LA reading attendee
 Photo Credit: Dr. Herukhuti

@LA Pride! 

Faith Cheltenham and Tara Avery from the Los Angeles Bi Task Force (back in purple) take a moment to breathe after handing out over 400 bisexual pride and pansexual pride necklaces and collecting over 200 surveys.
Photo Credit: Los Angeles Bi Task Force

Major special thanks to Tara Avery and Kisha Turner for survey support!

BiNet USA Prez to speak at Stonewall film education rally

BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham will join professors, historians, noted advocates and community leaders like Ashley Love and Jennicet GutiĆ©rrez to speak outside Warner Brothers Studios (the film’s distributor) as part of an education rally about the forthcoming movie, Stonewall.

From Stonewalling Accurate & Inclusive Depictions (S.A.I.D.):
S.A.I.D.’s education rally highlights the misinformation and revisionism depicted in ‘Stonewall’, a film highly disputed for its whitewashing, Hollywood trans-face casting, gay-washing, bi-erasure and trans-erasure. 
Affirming Her True Story, Not His Revisionist Glory: An Education Rally
August 27th 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Warner Brothers Studios, 3400 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, Ca. 91505 (Edu-Rally held outside building)
More info: - #NotYourProp
Along with trans erasure, there continue to be concerns surrounding the erasure of bisexuals from Stonewall, including the erasure of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson identifying as trans and bi, as well as the erasure of their friend and colleague Brenda Howard, one of the founding mother's of the bisexual movement.

Photos from joint Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) + Gay Liberation Front (GLF) protest for an end of oppressive treatment of LGBTQ Patients at NYC’s Bellevue Hospital (Fall 1970 credit Richard C. Wandel). Bisexual Activist Brenda Howard, GLF (standing far left, pigtails + glasses); Gay Activist Bob Kohler, GLF (sitting 2nd left, light hair); Trans*Bi Activist Sylvia Rivera, STAR + GLF (sitting 3rd left, dark hair). Read more on the BiHistory Tumblr.

In a review of the recent book Stonewall, Sarah Stumpf of the Bisexual Books Tumblr writes,
The final blow of erasure and inaccuracy concerns Brenda Howard.   In Bausum’s telling of the story, the bisexual woman who founded that first Christopher Street Liberation March, aka The Mother Of Pride just doesn’t exist.  Instead all credit for the commemorative marches and subsequent political and cultural achievements of pride is given exclusively to her gay male cohort Craig Russell.  To be clear, everything I’ve seen indicates that Russell and Howard co-planned several of the earliest marches, but to give him exclusive credit is appalling.  Brenda Howard continued working with what we now call pride parades (as well as other activism) long after Russell moved on. The blunt truth is that without Brenda’s dedication to the march every year until her death in 2005, there is little doubt that Pride as we know it would not exist. - Read the whole review
Inaccurate depictions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history hurt lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Lesbian women like Storme Delarverie were also instrumental in the events leading up to the rebellion at Stonewall that night and should have their voices remembered too.

In light of the tremendous loss of life being experienced by Black transgender women in the U.S. right now, it is particularly important that this film create opportunities to celebrate the STARS of LGBT history like Black trans icon Marsha P. Johnson.

Let's send a strong message of support for our trans brothers, sisters and gender non-conforming siblings whenever and however we can. You can start by signing this petition on!

If you're in LA, join Faith tonight!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BiNet USA Board Announcement: New VP and Secretary

The board of BiNet USA is pleased to announce two new appointments, to the offices of Vice President and Secretary respectively

 Aud Traher
Activist and Board member Aud Traher, will be stepping into the role of Vice President to help lead the organization as current President Faith Cheltenham takes a step back in her BiNet USA activities. Aud has been an activist in bisexual, disability, and transgender activism for 5 years.

Lynnette McFadzen has been a bisexual, trans, elder rights and disability activist for three years and currently continues with her podcast, The BiCast, podcasting for the bisexual+ community which provides support, resources,education and advocacy for our diverse community.

 Lynnette McFadzen 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Guest Blog-No Pride Here

Every couple years, I decide to immerse myself into my local LGBT community. Every couple years, I find myself backing away over the rampant biphobia within. Over this past weekend I experienced my latest examples of how our LGBT communities fail to see or care about our voices.

I live in a college town of around ninety thousand people. Representative of our community is one Stonewall organization and it throws our annual Pride celebration in late August when the students are freshly returned to town for the coming school year. On the first night of Pride, Stonewall held a variety show. This show began with an announcement from the production that anyone who takes offense should just leave. That was the first red flag, because any time someone does pre-silencing tactics like that it's indicative of them knowing in advance that their program is going to be problematic. And then the emcee took to the stage with all of the "queers who aren't gay" biphobia and "parts=gender" transphobia we've all experienced time and again followed by all the "I hate people who don't have penises" misogyny they could throw in.

History has shown me, time and again, that quietly addressing Stonewall's organizers doesn't cause for change to happen or for problems to even be acknowledged. So I called out the biphobia on Facebook and was quickly told by one Stonewall board member I should have brought my concerns to them rather than to the public.

While this was going down, my co-editor at Bisexual Books, Sarah Stumpf, made the joking-but-exasperated comment "gods save us from biphobic, transphobic, lesbophobic gay men with microphones," which lead to her being attacked by another of my Stonewall's board members: a self-described gay man with a microphone. Then local transgender women began airing grievances with our board. . .

It all leads to great drama, but more importantly continues to shine a bright light on one of the largest ongoing problems in our queer communities: if you are not a white monosexual cisgender person your voice and your experience matters less in our community.

We need transparent and public dialog in our community. When a gay man says other queer identities are just confused, that strengthens biphobic culture in our community. When our community's representative says we should leave if we don't like it, that's hate. 

LGBT organizations need to start doing better. They need to understand these jokes are a form of biphobia that only reinforces our discrimination within LGBT spaces. They need to work on making people who are queer but not gay or lesbian feel as accepted and respected across the board. These issues go far beyond the event of this past weekend, and are pervasive across all of our LGBT organizations. It's time for gay and lesbian community leaders to listen, reflect, and work toward change, rather than maintain the status quo of ignoring and further marginalizing those who have issues within the community because they dare to speak out in public rather than continue being silenced.

--Evan Peterson

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow - New York Photo Blast

In June of 2015, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham traveled to New York to meet with local bi, pan, fluid, queer (bi+) leaders about the BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow project and attend the Lambda Literary Awards. We hope your enjoy the photos!

New York BiNet USA + #OurTomorrow Event

Getting surveys ready for #OurTomorrow outreach, bisexual style. 
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Larry Nelson (in the hat), widow of Brenda Howard, fills out Our Tomorrow Survey
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Rev. Francesca Maria Bongiorno, second from right hugging Donne Redd (right) has already shipped us over a dozen #OurTomorrow surveys.
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

NYC Bisexual organizers
Back row (from left to right): Larry Nelson, New York Area Bisexual Network, Estraven, Westchester Bisexual Group, Pauline Park, Queens Pride House Executive Director, Alida Minkel, Paul Nocera, BiRequest organizer, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President and Michelle Garcia, mic Identities editor.

Front Row: Sherry, Donne Redd, legendary S.i.S.T.A.H. co-founder, Alexandra Bolles, GLAAD Strategist, J Christopher Neal, FluidBiDesign / MENKind (also the first bisexual grand marshal for NYC Pride), Patricia Silva, Larker magazine editor in chief, and Bryan J. Ellicott, NY TRANS BI organizer.
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

J. Christopher Neal, FluidBiDesign/MENKind co-founder, BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham and NYABN organizer Larry Nelson.
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Faith Cheltenham and Larry Nelson with Pauline Park
 Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Donne Redd, Pauline Park and Faith Cheltenham
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Donne Redd, Bryan John Ellicott and Faith Cheltenham
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Bryan John Ellicott and Faith Cheltenham
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Patricia Silva, Faith Cheltenham, Alida Minkel and Michelle Garcia
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Alexandra Bolles, Patricia Silva, Faith Cheltenham, Alida Minkel and Michelle Garcia
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

The Lambda Literary Awards - #bistyle

Selfie with Black, gay writer and bi ally Darnell Moore (@moore_darnell) at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Selfie with bisexual actor, author and director Alan Cumming (@alancumming) at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Selfie with Lambda Literary award wining Chicana author Ana Castillo (@anacastillo1) at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Selfie with singer extraordinaire Toshi Reagon (@biglovely1) at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Selfie with bisexual writer, editor, sexuality activist, and founder of Circlet Press, Cecilia Tan (@ceciliatan) at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

Selfie with Bisexual Book Awards founder Sheela Lambert (@BiBookAwards) and bisexual author Cecilia Tan at Lambda Literary Awards
Photo Credit: Faith Cheltenham

And to close out our post...a short video from legendary bi+ organizer Donna Redd with BiNet USA President, Faith Cheltenham

Video Credit: Donna Redd, S.i.S.T.A.H