Friday, September 18, 2015

NLGJA Awards: Bisexual Winners

BiNet USA and the entire bisexual+ community congratulates four out and proud bisexual community members on their landmark NLGJA (National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association) Excellence in Journalism Awards.

And it's so great that there were lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender winners this year!

Sunnivie Brydum
News Director for The Advocate

"I’m honored to be a part of the Advocate team recognized by the NLGJA this year, especially for projects that were so collaborative in nature. Although she’s since moved on to, I loved conspiring with Michelle Garcia to find new, innovative ways to rejuvenate our annual 40 Under 40 feature, with an intentional focus on intersectional issues and the emerging voices fighting for change. The Day in LGBT America series represents the beautiful diversity of our community as we go about our everyday lives, and the recognition our team earned this year proves what good can happen when two radical queer ladies get the reins of a publication. With that being said, I also have to express my gratitude to our fearless leader, editorial director Lucas Grindley, who won second place in the Sarah Pettit Memorial Award. His confidence in our team — including naming Michelle, and subsequently myself, managing editor — helps empower us to dig for the important stories that aren’t being told. I’m thrilled to admit that we’ve only just begun." Sunnivie Brydum 
(Sunnivie self-identifies as a queer cis woman, though she takes no umbrage at being included in the “bi+” umbrella.)
 Excellence in Online Journalism Award third place 
 “40 Under 40: Emerging Voices” 
The Advocate


Diane Anderson-Minshall
American journalist and author best known for writing about lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender subjects. She is editor-at-large of The Advocate and editor-in-chief of HIV Plus Magazine

  "I’ve won a number of NLGJA awards for my work and it’s a thrill each time. This is has been a great year for me (my memoir just garnered me my first literary award too at the Golden Crown Lit Conference) and the two magazines where I serve as an editor (The Advocate and Plus) have just been similarly blessed with honors in 2015. But I have to give all the props this time to our current managing editor Sunnivie Brydum and our former managing editor Michelle Garcia who both really spearheaded this giant 40 Under 40 feature. Corralling contributions from 11 people, staff and freelancers, is like juggling drunk toddlers so it's really testament to their skills and our bitchin’ team that this series resonated with readers and the NLGJA judges." Diane Anderson-Minshall
“40 Under 40: Emerging Voices” 
The Advocate

Michelle Garcia
Identities editor at Mic
Past writer for 6 years at The Advocate

"This award, and the amount of teamwork that went into writing, editing and producing The Day in LGBT and the 40 Under 40 just goes to show how much the Advocate team trusts each other to work well and produce something that attempts to reflect LGBTQ Americans and the people who keep our community moving forward. My colleagues, who I consider to be (my weird, dysfunctional, shade-throwing, but immensely close and loving) family, are some of the best people in our business, and I would not be where I'm at today without them." Michelle Garcia
“40 Under 40: Emerging Voices”
The Advocate

Faith Cheltenham 

As president of BiNet USA -- the national non-profit advocacy organization for bisexual people -- guest blogger Faith Cheltenham co-organized the 2013 Bisexual Community Issues Roundtable at the White House. 
 Excellence in Blogging Award

Second Place