Monday, November 30, 2015

Bisexual and HIV Activist Khafre K. Abif honored with the 2015 POZ 100

 We congratulate Khafre on being POZ 100 Honoree for his continued work in the fight against HIV/AIDS

 HRC #biweek Event

At #biweek White House Public Policy Briefing

"I am so honored and truly humbled to be recognized with the other 99 in the 2015 POZ 100, long-term survivors for my work in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Most often I feel as if no one is hearing or seeing my work. I am grateful someone thought enough of me to nominate me, and the staff at POZ magazine to select me. There are many voices at the local, region and national level in this fight and for me be honored in this way provides me with more fuel to continue pushing, writing, speaking, sharing and reaching out to those living with HIV/AIDS and into communities most heavily impacted by this pandemic.
I must say that living with HIV for 26 years has taught me a great deal, the losses for me have also been great, but ultimately the reward has allowed the God I serve to use me as He sees fit. He found a space for this self-identified Bisexual African American HIV positive man to have and raise children, and use his passion and commitment to AIDS & LGBTQ activism, writing, editing, and blogging to find voice and encourage others to find their own voice.
What is missing from the piece, because each needed to be so short, is that I have a child born of my DNA, a nature birth with his mother and him remaining negative, the fact that I am currently in a fifteen years relationship with my female partner who also remains HIV negative, and the acknowledgement that I most likely contacted HIV from the unprotected sex I had with men because I self-identify as a Bisexual man."
Khafre K. Abif

"The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them.”