Thursday, December 10, 2015

A brief history of The Atlantic's biphobia

Suggest bi story ideas and panelists to @TheAtlantic and use #bijack and #AtlanticLGBT to help send a message that the B in LGBT should always be included in the "unfinished business" of the LGBT community.

Don't forget to join us all day tomorrow as we #bijack the #AtlanticLGBT summit on the unfinished business of the LGBT community. They always seem to forget about us, let's help them remember the B in LGBT. Follow @BiNetUSA on Twitter!

A brief history of The Atlantic's biphobia

Articles discussing LGBT experiences without referencing the data, stories or experiences of bisexual people while also frequently ignoring the fact that bi people suffer higher rates of disparity than their gay, lesbian and straight counterparts (8):

Articles that ignore the fact that the majority of people in the article are bisexual identified (5):

Articles that use biphobic slurs (1):
Articles that refers to bisexual people, solely in reference to sex acts (2):

Articles that use gay to refer to LGBT people and/or uses misorientation to erase a bi person's bisexual identity (3):

Article that fails to identify bi people as bi people like Queen's Freddie Mercury (1):

Articles whether the author utilized bisexually erasive language to refer to the LGBT community, even though they were interviewing self identified bisexual individuals (3):

Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish), long running biphobe and historic trope and stereotype slinger of the bi community, just doing his thing (10):

Articles where the really great writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates (@tanehisicoates), engages in bisexual erasure and ignores the impact of biphobia, often with #callousdisregard  (3):

Articles that refer to bisexuals as inanimate objects (1):