Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bisexuals at Creating Change with BQAC!

Photo Courtesy of Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (BQAC)
Photo Caption: Captain Bisexual with Bisexual Justice flag at Chicago Pride in 2012 
Photo Credit: Chuck Kramer


Bi and all allied folks! Make sure to join us in the official Bisexual Hospitality Suite somewhere on the 20th floor of the Hilton if you are attending Creating Change this year. Follow along with the new Facebook page, Bisexual/non-Monosexual Community at Creating Change 2016

This year's Bisexuality Hospitality Suite is sponsored by Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago, the bi non-profit located in Chicago. This year's suite is intended to be a laid back experience with spontaneous programming and the opportunity for people to relax amid the busy conference. Many huge thanks to Jasmine Marshall, Chris Pierce, and the whole team over at Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago for their amazing hard work so far! 
Learn more about the mission and work of BQAC:

(tentative, and possibly prone to change, let's stay fluid!)

The Bi+ Institute on Thursday focuses on self-care and intersecting identities. The day long Institute is presented by Heather Benjamin and Kate Estrop from the Bisexual Resource Center along with Aud Traher, Lynnette McFadzen and Faith Cheltenham from BiNet USA. Join us for discussions of monosexism and intersectionality and plan to leave refreshed, recharged and ready to dismantle every 'ism. 

SUITE LUNCH (FRIDAY and possibly Thurs, gotta check again with Jasmine)
Lunches will be co-sponsored by The Task Force and Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (among other donors). Lunch will be held in the Suite during the lunch break from 12:15-1pm. Lunch options will include vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free and will be first come, first served. Supplemental breakfast will also be offered each day depending on supplies, so if you're hungry please check in at the Suite.

#stillbisexual Video Screenings: Meet the community of Chicago via the intimate storytelling social media campaign, #stillbisexual. Learn more about #stillbisexual at www.stillbisexual.comA local arts troupe will do a 1 act play for the Suite and you won't want to miss it!

Some of the veterans of the Chicago bi movement will visit Creating Change, including Captain Bisexual! Bi Suite attendees will have the chance to take photos with Captain Bisexual and others bisexuality themed characters.
Keep visiting the Facebook page for the latest news, photos, and video from Creating Change 2016!

Please respond here with other opportunities for bi community to connect at Creating Change, whether it's your awesome workshop or panel, please let us know where to show up and be visible with you at Creating Change.

You can also join in on Twitter by using the hashtags #CC2016 and #BQAC if you are looking to connect on the ground.

Captain Bisexual Wishes You Safe Bi Travels!
Photo Courtesy of Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (BQAC)
Photo Caption: Captain Bisexual with Bisexual Justice flag at Chicago Pride in 2012 
 Photo Credit: Chuck Kramer